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SSIA Quarterly Member Meeting & EGM 2014

Dear SSIA Members and Friends,

It is our pleasure to inform that SSIA will be holding its first member meeting of 2014 on 21st March. These Quarterly Member Meetings are not just an avenue for SSIA members to know about various intiatives implemented and planned by the association but they also serve as a great networking platform. In continuation of our efforts to make these meetings interesting for our members, we have organised talks on key topics by leading industry experts.

R&D is a differentiating competency for high tech industries. This strong R&D culture here has encouraged companies to establish research centres in Singapore to develop next generation components and products. There are several leading global players who have set up their R&D departments here for key design, test, application and system development activities . SSIA will be holding a panel discussion on  "Opportunities and Challenges in Running a R&D Organisation in Singapore" with a special emphasis on Design ServicesA panel of industry experts will discuss the current state and also various R&D challenges and needs that must be addressed to overcome any limitations. They will also highlight case studies and examples from their current organization.

In another key presentation we intend to capture the essence of "Innovation" and how organisations can drive innovations at the workplace . Innovation is no longer the prerogative of R&D Departments alone. Its important for a company to get people to buy into a shared culture of innovation. In this presentation we intend to discover critical organizational systems and cultural attributes that are most likely to promote innovation success. We will be sharing the names of the speakers and panelists soon. 

It promises to be an interesting event; so please block your calendar for the Meeting.

On a separate note, as one of our Executive Committee member, Mr Lavi Lev will be stepping down due to work committments, we will conclude this meeting with an Extraordinary General Meeting, a quick re-election for this position. Please do take note that as per our Constitution, only SSIA corporate members are eligible to vote, with only 1 representative vote from each member organisation. Individual members are not eligible for voting.

Below, please find the logistic details of the Member Meeting for your reference:


q1 2014


Due to security reasons, the American Club will not be able to admit any walk-ins. Pre-registration is a must.

For registration, please complete the attached registration form and email to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  by 14th Mar 2014 (Fri).

Meanwhile, should you have any enquiries on the event, please contact Ms Elizabeth Chin - SSIA Secretariat at 6377 6631 (DID) or 6278 2538 (Main).

We look forward to welcoming you at the first member meeting.

Thank you.


Yours sincerely,

Sandeep Chatterjee

Honorary Secretary, SSIA


Secretariat Office

Singapore Semiconductor Industry Association

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