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NUS ECE Graduate Symposium

As part of SSIA’s continuous efforts and initiatives to reach out and connect students to the Semiconductor Community in Singapore, SSIA is proud to add another opportunity for student outreach under its Talent Outreach Initiative program via the NUS ECE Graduate Student Symposium.

The NUS Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE) Graduate Student Symposium (GSS), currently into its fourth year, is the annual conference for Graduate Students of the ECE Department to showcase their research. The symposium serves as not only a platform for undergraduates, graduates students and faculty to exchange the latest research findings and ideas, but also a unique networking opportunity for students and faculty from NUS with leading industry experts in the field.

The event was held at the Engineering Auditorium (EA) and the seminar rooms surrounding the EA, from 22nd to 23rd May 2014.

The President of SSIA, Mr Ulf Schneider, was honoured to be invited as the key note speaker for this event, delivering a very insightful speech on “The Art of Innovation” to the graduate students.

The speech delivered places a major emphasis on human‘s thirst for continuous innovation, technological convergence, its impact on our daily lives and the near future. Many of which have already been part and parcel of our daily lives, e.g. the latest IT gadgets such as mobile phones. The speaker has also addressed specifically the ingredients for success, coupled with Singapore’s diversities and strong dedication to lead innovation.

This conference has been an exceptional opportunity for SSIA to showcase Singapore’s economic success in the electronics industry to the young and energetic talents, but also to bring across the message that there are no limitations to the world of innovation. Singapore, with its strategic location, strong educational background, investment in Research & development is definitely a good place for new talents to get started and possibly bring about the next revolution. 


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