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Internship Site Visit Day on 20 April 2017

The industry hosted yet another successful site visit at Applied Materials, GLOBALFOUNDRIES, Infineon, Micron and Seagate on 20th April 2017 and received positive resonance from all the 87 participating intern students from National University of Singapore (NUS) and Nanyang Technological University (NTU).

We want to take this opportunity to thank all hosting companies and participating students in making this event a success.



Group Photo at Applied Materials

At Applied Materials, students got the opportunity to go beyond semiconductor processes and move upstream for an in-depth view of advanced semiconductor equipment development.

Researchers at the Applied Materials Singapore R&D lab discussed the company's advanced materials engineering capabilities and showcased previous projects completed by other interns in areas of hardware engineering, 3D Printing and predictive maintenance.

The highlight of the visit was an exclusive tour to the Center of Excellence in Advanced Packaging – a joint laboratory between Applied Materials and A*STAR's Institute of Microelectronics, where they got a first-hand view of hardware and equipment development processes and even sneak a peek at pre-released chambers.

The interactive session also highlighted some of the possible career opportunities and pathways that could result from joining the electronics/semiconductor engineering industry and how the work would contribute towards helping make possible future technologies.





GLOBALFOUNDRIES welcomed the interns with an opening introduction by Mr How Chong Peng, Deputy Director of Business Operations, who shared the corporate information and overall electronics industry landscape.

He also gave the interns a holistic view on the directions and operations of GLOBALFOUNDRIES. Followed on was the work-life account sharing by Mr Goh Szu Huat, Deputy Director of Diagnostic Engineering, who moved through the career ladder to be who he is today. Providing valuable in depth experience and advice to the interns.

Finale presentation was from Mr Aaron Tan, a young Engineer from Design Enablement, whose decision to join GLOBALFOUNDRIES was to seek leverage on latest technological know-how and build upon his technical expertise credentials in a reputable global MNC.

A tour around their latest Technology Fab was arranged for the intern to see the latest automation and sophistication of wafer manufacturing processes to round up the session in a positive exchange of information and connection.




Group Photo at Infineon

Infineon Technologies received 29 students from National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University.

As part of the industry efforts to promote the semiconductor industry to young talents, the visit to Infineon gave the students a good understanding of the backend semiconductor manufacturing being conducted in Singapore.

One of the key highlights for the students during the visit was a window tour of the production plant where they observed the final test process in an advanced manufacturing environment. The programme was well received by students and many of them commented the site visit is enriching and complements what they have learnt in school.

This visit is a joint collaboration with other semiconductor companies to promote industry awareness to the engineering students in local universities.




Site Visit at Micron

Kok Sing, Managing Director and Country Manager of Micron, Singapore opened the events in the morning and afternoon, sharing his personal excitement in this industry after more than 30 years in the industry. He cited the tremendous advancement in memory technology by illustrating the amount of memory that we are able to contain in the size of a fingertip. This form factor is critical to high performance SMART phones that all the students were carrying with them. He encouraged them to not just choose science and engineering for their studies but also to continue on to choose engineering for their careers as engineers play a critical role in the world that we live in. The semiconductor industry has lots to explore and discover especially for engineering and science graduates in Singapore. This was resonated by Kia Hiang, our country HR director, who provided an overview of the industry effort as One Industry and One Voice to shape the internship experience so that the industry is able to purposefully complement the education of science and engineering students through industry exposure to learn how they can apply their learning in industry and take on interesting careers in the industry when they graduate.

To give the participants a better insight into working life in Micron, a panel of Leader and Team Members from both Backend and Frontend sites was conducted to share with the site visitors their experiences working in Micron. The students got to hear from Micron team members from varied roles and gain a better understanding of diverse opportunities and talent who work at Micron. They got to hear and experience the energy and passion that the engineers and leaders have in their roles. The panel shared how they overcame challenges, experienced teamwork and collaboration and how they gain a sense of accomplishment in what they do.

Students proactively approached the Micron's team to better understand their roles and responsibilities and much enthusiasm can be felt throughout the engagement session. This event was an excellent showcase for the students to hear from the subject matter experts as few could hardly visualize the impact and presence the semiconductor industry has on the entire ecosystem and how this industry presents many exciting job available in Singapore. The students expressed interest in understanding the daily operations and challenges faced by an engineer and how their academic knowledge can aid them in contributing to the semiconductor industry. There were active discussions with much fascination on the latest technology and know-how raised by the students, with emphasis on how teamwork, collaboration and employee engagement can help to resolve work challenges.



Sitevisit 1

Site Visit at Seagate 

Seagate showcased a vast range of opportunities as well as immense exposure for the students to see the differentiations among the different companies visited. Providing much hands-on applications especially for those specialization in electrical and mechanical engineering background. Interns can look forward to many learning opportunities through this internship orientation, to prep them on the demand requirement from the workforce besides the academic theory they have acquired.  Enthusiastic interns expressed interest in joining semiconductor industry by inquiring into career prospect, remuneration pack as well as company culture.

Through this interactive session, interns raised some questions on the gap between theoretical and practical applications which Seagate representatives addressed to enable these graduates to jump start in their career.