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We are Hiring!

SSIA is the Industry Association representing the Semiconductor and Electronics organisations and entities in the entire ecosystem including the supply chain.
Our mission is to steer, advocate and facilitate the full value chain of Semiconductor industry in Singapore acting as a common industry voice.
We are embarking on a new mid-term initiative, the Electronics Industry Transformation, to drive the use of innovation and entrepreneurship to bring our industry into the future economy, to enhance the competitiveness and vibrance of the industry, and to create high value future ready jobs.
SSIA will be hiring!


Technology Capability Enablement Manager
The key objectives for the role of Technology Capability Enablement Manager are as follows:
• Gathering, analysing and publishing of data of new technology and knowledge
• Organising and facliltating group events, forums, workshops for potential partners that will lead to the adoption of new product, startups, ventures, and new markets especially international markets
• Organising and facilitating technical conferences, forums, workshops an training
• Securing partners, agencies, R&D entities, to support our mission to develop new products, applications and startups
• Investigate and create partnership with other industries to achieve our goals
• Identify and develop partnerships between SME and MNC / technology suppliers in areas of IoT via pitching sessions and conferences / workshops
• Provide support to the SSIA secretariat as necessary


Manager, Business Development
The key objectives for the role of Manager, Business Development are as follows:
• To achieve optimum membership growth and retention via developing and implementing strategic plan
• Maintaining and enlarging the pool of strategic alliances amongst members, SMEs, with government agencies, institutions, academias, collaborative partners so as to enjoy effective flow of exchanges and collaborative events and activities
• Organising and facilitating member networking sessions, CEO events, conferences, and continuing education/training based on members' needs
• Organise business matching, study missions, partnership events with selected parties to promote business, local and international.
• Provide support to the SSIA secretariat as necessary


Executive, Outreach Programmes
The key objectives for the role of Executive, Outreach Programmes are as follows:
• Developing and implementing strategic Outreach plans, to raise awareness and promote the Semiconductor and Electronics Industry
• Work with partners in the academia, and various agencies to plan and implement efforts to seek out, develop and retain talents needed for the present and future economy
• Set up and oversee mentorship programmes, working with partners, members, various agencies and academias
• Organise and set up on-line Portal for Outreach programme, working with our Marketing Communication Officer
• Provide support to the SSIA secretariat as necessary


Applicants are encouraged to read the full job description for this role prior to applying and submit the letter of application & curriculum vitae to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Kindly ensure that the position title is clearly specified in the job application.


* We regret that only shortlisted applicants will be notified.


Other Vacant Positions
We are growing rapidly, and there are several positions in the pipeline. These include:
• Executive, Business Development
• Executive, Marketing Communications
• Executive, Logistics


Applicants are encouraged to write in and submit their curriculum vitae to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Kindly indicate the position you are interested in.