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Woo Siew Wah - Managing Director

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Siewwah Woo was the Managing Director of Singapore Oxygen Air Liquide Pte Ltd from 2007 to 2010, a large Industrial Gas Manufacturer and Supplier and a major investor of infrastructural projects to the Semiconductor Industry in Singapore. He held positions of President/Managing Director in Philippines and China and he retired in 2016 after spending 6 years as the Vice President of Air Liquide Asia Pacific Electronics business line.

Woo had been deeply involved with major Semiconductor corporations in Singapore since 1984, engaging with ST Microelectronics, Micron Singapore (previously Texas Instruments), Global Foundries, UMC Singapore, SSMC and similar organizations. He had also been highly involved with the Economic Development Board, JTC and key government agencies in the support of the Semiconductor Industry, in particular investment in infrastructural projects around or within the major Semiconductor factories.

While based in Taiwan, he was the Chairman of the Air Liquide Equipment Services, an equipment manufacturing operations of Air Liquide in Taichung, Taiwan. He also served as board member of a number of joint ventures in Singapore, Taiwan and China during his career.

Woo was a board member of the Singapore Chemical Industry Council (SCIC) in Singapore and led a number of initiatives as sub-committee chairman within the SCIC.

Woo majored in Chemical Engineering from the University of Singapore.

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