To introduce how it has transformed in the past two years to support the semiconductor industry’s growth in Singapore and the region, SSIA will be premiering a new corporate video at the AGM 2020 on 26 November 2020.

The production of the video was more than simply pressing the record button on a video camera. The SSIA team kick-started the whole process by interviewing companies and government agencies whom the team has actively engaged over the past year, and inviting them to share their comments on SSIA in the video.

The interviewees included ams, CEI Limited, Swagelok Singapore, Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) and Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS) International. They spoke authentically about their experiences in participating in SSIA’s initiatives– which have become the essential trait of the new SSIA video introducing the industry trends and its support for the semiconductor industry.

Let’s have a sneak peek of the filming and hear their comments: 

Interview with Joseph Tan (General Manager, CEI Limited) @ CEI

“I appreciate the different channels and events organized by SSIA. This has provided us relevant updates, trends and initiatives by the government in supporting the semiconductor industry. The business matching by SSIA allows companies like CEI to explore potential collaborations with other companies in the same sector.

Through the various events, CEI had the opportunity to network and engage with other leaders in the semiconductor and automation space”

Interview with Zhuohan Cai (CEO, Swagelok Singapore) @ Swagelok Singapore

“I find their training courses very relevant – we have had many colleagues joining the Semiconductor Fundamentals course to understand the every process of the wafer fabrication, and their roles in the process.

It’s also our pleasure to participate in the annual SSIA Summit as it enabled us to connect with other companies in the semiconductor industry. I appreciate the efforts that SSIA has done to bring us all together and create a truly vibrant ecosystem here in Singapore”.

From Eric Cheng (Sales Manager, Swagelok Singapore)

“We have many associates participating in SSIA courses and the feedback has been excellent. The SSLA Program is especially note-worthy as it is unique in its very extensive breadth and depth of discussions, in addition to being an excellent networking platform. ”

Interview with Soh Lip Leong (SVP & GM – ams AG) @ Soh’s place

“ams has collaborated closely with SSIA in many initiatives to renew and revitalize the local semiconductor industry, such as the Professional Conversion Program (PCP), which helps us recruit the mid-career talents who previously worked in other sectors.

For the year 2020, we have initiated 66 eligible PCP (29%) successful placement out of the 229 PMET new hires and saw the program’s fruition. One great example of a successful mid-career switcher is Mr. Lim Khoon Tat Norman, who had converted from being a Biotechnologist (manufacturing operator) in the Pharmaceutical industry to Product Development Engineer in our Semiconductor industry.”

Interview with Terrence Gan (SVP, Semiconductors Division, EDB) @ EDB office

“Singapore has a vibrant semiconductor ecosystem. Many of the largest semiconductor and semiconductor equipment companies manufacture, do R&D or undertake headquarters activities here. Singapore’s semiconductor industry has grown from strength to strength over the last 50 years, and we continue invest in new capabilities to capitalize on the growth in 5G, AI and electrification.

SSIA plays an important role by providing platforms for companies to boost their productivity, collaborate with one another and with public research, and develop their workforce. The EDB will continue to partner SSIA to enhance Singapore’s role as a semiconductor hub in Asia and for the world.”

Interview with Kok Kitt-Wai (Director, IPOS international) @ SSIA office

“Intellectual property protection and commercialisation are critical to innovation and creativity—whether in translating ideas to products and services or driving business value. We are delighted to partner SSIA in driving innovation in the Semiconductor industry, and plan to collaborate in multiple areas such as programmes that help enterprises identify their intangible assets and develop strategies, grow skills and talents through IP education, leverage on enterprise tools and resources and continue to create good jobs for Singaporeans.”

The whole video production process was positive and energized with the encouraging feedback from the interviewees. SSIA is grateful and appreciative of the companies and government agencies’ support on the production of this new video.

View the SSIA corporate video: