The Story of Rebecca’s Career Journey

Can you tell us about your career journey?

I was initially interested in working with the National Heritage Board as a museum conservator, but I pivoted into events instead. I had done temp work for SMU and the Singapore Academy of Law in events and I found the job to be interesting and exciting because you always got to meet new people, and most events catered free food, which is always a great job benefit! After running events for the legal industry for a few years, I was looking for opportunities to run events for bigger industries, and SSIA gave me the chance to do just that and more.

What are the similarities and differences between your previous roles and the role in a semiconductor trade association?

The biggest difference in roles would be for handling the PCP for Electronics. Instead of managing an event, which usually runs for only 1 day and follow the event themes, PCP is an on-going programme and with many moving parts. PCP also allows me to interact more with representatives from our member companies, getting to understand their manpower needs.

How do you know about SSIA and why do you choose to join the Association?

I find it rewarding to join SSIA because the Association helps companies to grow their business and provide job opportunities for the community.

Tell us something about your role in SSIA?

My role as senior project executive is to ensure events run as executed, and as a programme manager for PCP, I help to match companies with job seekers and process claims for salary disbursements.

How do you see the changes in your work after the COVID-19 crisis?

Since we started working from home, working hours have become more flexible, which has both good and bad points, as I am sure many other people have experience. Because we conduct so many video calls as part of the new normal, I also had to change the set up in my study so that I can have a blank wall behind me for a clean background in my calls. We now arrange for most documents to be sent via email rather than by courier. However, I still find myself writing physical notes and tasks lists, and just like with physical paperwork, I take some time each week to organise and file away the digital files that I receive.

Let’s talk about something personal. Can you share with us a bit more about your hobby (or your volunteering roles in community)?

I would call myself a ‘Jill of all hobbies, master of none’, I enjoy trying out new hobbies, particularly creative and artistic hobbies during my free time such as scrapbooking/card-making and nail art. I enjoy making things by hand because there is a personal touch that goes into each piece that makes it more unique. Before Covid-19, I also played ultimate frisbee with friends on the weekend to work out and stay healthy.