Cindy joined SSIA as the Executive Assistant in 2019. With more than 10 years of experience in secretarial, marketing and administration in MNC and SME, she now assists the Executive Director with the day to day operations of the Association.

Can you tell us about your career journey?

I was with Angliss Singapore doing International Marketing in the seafood division. I also covered secretarial support to the Senior GM. After a good number of years, the company underwent restructuring, and I ventured into the event management industry. In 2013, I chose to go back to work for my family business because I wanted to spend more time with my kids, at the same time, contribute to the company with my acquired skills and experience.

What are the similarities and differences between your previous roles and the role in a semiconductor trade association?

Working in SSIA is quite different from the experience in my previous roles. In SSIA, there are many opportunities to get exposure to various partners including companies and government agencies. I also have a deeper understanding of the development and significance of the semiconductor industry in Singapore and the region. It has been great learning for me! I am glad to collaborate with different stakeholders to accomplish our goals.

How do you know about SSIA and why do you choose to join the Association?

I did not know much about SSIA till I chanced upon the job opening in the career portal. After my first interview with Wee Seng (our Executive Director) and Patsy (our HR Manager), I was intrigued by what the Association is driving towards and their efforts to help the industry. I am thankful to be part of the Association in the past year offering support to companies to tide through the challenging times.

Tell us something about your role in SSIA?

As an Executive Assistant, I provide secretarial support to the Executive Director and assist him with the Association’s day-to-day operations. I also take charge of the Finance, grants and audit matters. Recently, I have also helped with some marketing tasks for our industry-relevant courses.

What do you enjoy most about working in SSIA?

I enjoy being part of the SSIA team to help companies with their needs with our initiatives, especially amidst crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic. Besides, I am impressed by the Association’s vision in recruiting and growing young talents for the industry. I know it is challenging, but we have had many great plans next year to drive this initiative further.

How do you see the changes in your work after the COVID-19 crisis? Any memorable experience to share?

One significant improvement is we have saved many trees by going paperless! With the power of technology making things possible, we can digitalize everything and work anywhere efficiently with the various applications available.  Though our team is now working from home, we remain connected by hosting weekly meetings and frequent check-ins with each other via video or phone conversations. Of course, I am looking forward to our physical team gathering soon!

Let’s talk about something personal. Can you share with us a bit more about your hobby?

I love reading and used to hog in Borders (the bookstore). My favourite readings are real-life stories and chic literature that help me unwind. I also love taking pictures! From anything pretty to everything unusual, food to scenery, family and friends, I love to capture moments for memories.





















Pictures that Cindy snapped randomly