What first got you into the semiconductor industry?

Coming into the semiconductor industry was an opportunity that I grabbed when there was an open door. When Covid-19 hit, given the increased personal time, I began to reflect and reframe my thoughts. I realised that I had become comfortable in my state and my personal growth was stagnant. At that point, I began to search for a change.

How do you know about SSIA and why do you choose to join the Association?

I have an accounting background. Before joining SSIA, I was working with an outsourced accounting firm and was allocated to handle the Association’s accounts. When I decided to leave my previous role, our Executive Director, Wee Seng, reached out to me and shared that he would like to execute a project and was looking for a candidate to do business development for SSIA. As I began to understand the mission and vision of SSIA, I found that it was very meaningful to work in a neutral ground between the private and public sectors.

What were your biggest challenges and excitements as an employee in the semiconductor industry? How did you deal with these?

It has been a big learning curve for me to understand the many technical terms in the semiconductor industry. Besides, the industry’s ecosystem is so extensive that it doesn’t only include wafer fabs but also the ecosystem of partners like material suppliers and system integrators.

Every day is a learning journey for me. I am thankful for my senior colleagues who have shared a lot of their personal experience in the industry and given me personal coaching sessions. Bit by bit, I am changing the way I think and work.

What are the similarities and differences between your previous roles and the role in a semiconductor trade association?

I can say my role in SSIA is totally different from what I did in my previous roles. I used to work with numbers, but I am now working in a role that requires me to develop connections with different stakeholders. Back-to-back meetings have become a norm for me!

Can you tell us your main roles in SSIA?

My major role is to facilitate business matching between customers and solutions providers in the sector utilising the different platforms in SSIA. I also help establish relations with other associations and public sectors to drive initiatives which are beneficial for the industry. Besides, I am in charge of our customer relationship management (CRM) project – a database project which supports internal operations at the moment and will be rolled out to the SSIA community in the future.

What do you enjoy most about working in SSIA?

It is probably the exposure to a larger community of people worldwide as I used to work with mainly SMEs. I find that people in MNCs and their functions have different thoughts of doing business and making decisions. It is an excellent opportunity to expand my knowledge and enrich my mind.

Let’s talk about something personal. Can you share with us a bit more about your hobby?

I’m a bit extreme. I enjoy things that will make me active such as going for early morning walks to see the sunrise and doing yoga and pilates. I have also signed up for a 10-week lyrical jazz foundation course recently.  On the quiet side, I enjoy spending a whole day in my house binge-watching dramas, cooking meals, or just organising my room.

Jasmine enjoys cooking in her spare time

A snap of the sunrise at Bedok Reservoir taken by Jasmine