Can you tell us about your career journey? What first got you into the semiconductor industry?

Back in 1992, as a fresh graduate from National University of Singapore – Chemical Engineering, I joined TECH Semiconductor as part of the startup team and had the privilege to go for a 6-month overseas training in Texas Instrument Dallas and Japan. It was the first 200mm Fab startup in Singapore back then, when the semiconductor industry was emerging. After 12 years of thriving career in technology development and manufacturing operations, I wanted to experience other aspects of semiconductor industry, and to see the world. I transited from technology to working with people, namely customers whom we build our products for. I joined Chartered Semiconductor, currently known as Globalfoundries, for about 10 years as their Customer Engineering Director, working with strategic customers like Qualcomm and Samsung. The most fulfilling part was to grow the account from scratch to #1 customer in the company. In 2014, during an ex-colleague gathering, it was chanced upon to re-join Micron (Micron had acquired TECH Semiconductor in 2010) and expand my technical expertise further, leading the Backend (Assembly and Test) Subcontractors Quality Assurance. Reflecting on my career – being trained in technology; working with people, having customer focus; managing subcontractors, driving a quality mindset – all these have brought growth. I would like to bring along this skillset and be an advocate for our Singapore Semiconductor industry through my career in SSIA.

What are the similarities and differences between your previous roles and the role in a semiconductor trade association?

I used to lead and manage strategic customers programs where business partners are external customers and internal stakeholders. For my current role, I get to work with multiple companies (MNCs and SMEs), government agencies and institutes, on strategic programs making the semiconductor industry more vibrant here.

How do you know about SSIA and why do you choose to join the Association?

It all started with my presence at the SSIA Semiconductor Summit and Dinner in 2019. The event was very engaging and well organised, not realising at that time that it was managed by a lean but amazing team. I was recently recommended by a board member. Upon hearing Wee Seng’s sharing of SSIA’s vision and mission, I realised the Association has gone through a remarkable transformation in the last 2 to 3 years. I am most glad to join the team contributing to our semiconductor industry. 

Tell us something about your role in SSIA?

My role as a Strategic Programs Director is to lead SSIA in developing and managing strategic programs with key stakeholders, including government agencies and partners of SSIA, to better support the industry’s growth in Singapore. Some interesting programs include initiative to strengthen the local ecosystem that supports the industry and intelligent manufacturing, and the upcoming Semiconductor Women’s Forum. They are exciting programs that engage our industry to thrive further.  

What do you enjoy most about working in SSIA?

It is the people. It is enjoyable working with a team who are very dedicated with diverse talents. Also, getting to work with different industry partners and being able to make a positive impact on our industry gives me great satisfaction.

Let’s talk about something personal. Can you share with us a bit more about your hobby?

During my spare time, I enjoy reading books on psychology which provide insights and scientific explanation on people’s behavior. It allows me to be more empathic and understanding to others. I am also a strong supporter of Diversity and Inclusion. Volunteering at Purple Parade which celebrates the abilities of persons with special needs, has been a wonderful activity for my family in the last few years. As an active steering committee member of my previous company’s Women’s Leadership Network, I am also deeply passionate about supporting and nurturing future women leaders in our industry. It is very fulfilling to see people grow and elevate. SSIA will be organising the first Semiconductor Women’s Forum Day on 11 March 2021, do join us!

“I am also deeply passionate about supporting and nurturing future women leaders in our industry. It is very fulfilling to see people grow and elevate. “

Volunteering at The Purple Parade supporting The Animal Project (TAP) and Autism Resource Centre (ARC). 

Picture taken during Micron Fab10A Grand opening with NUS interns and Micron team members working on the Autonomous vehicle project.