Daphne is currently the Project Manager of SSIA overseeing all major SSIA events. She is also responsible in identifying and arranging training needs for the industry. Prior to joining SSIA, Daphne has over 10 years in events management from planning to execution at NXP Semiconductors. Voice has a chat with her to know more about her story.

1. Can you tell us about your own journey in the semiconductor industry? What first got you into the semiconductor industry?

I joined Philips Semiconductor (currently known as NXP Semiconductors) in 2006 and was very intrigued by the company technology know-how and the R&D investment in the semiconductor sector. It spurs me to learn more about the background of the micro-chip making.  My curiosity for technology propelled me to deepen my knowledge in the semiconductor industry through learning from the technology experts in the team. My role enables me to meet people from all walks of life from the industry and listening to their story of how semiconductor has transformed the industry as a whole.

2. What were your biggest challenges and excitements as an employee in the semiconductor industry? How did you deal with these?

The volatile demand and short lead time to market and meet customers demand is a never-ending challenge. The ever-changing innovation keeps me on my toes to keep learning and be abreast with the latest technology.

3. How do you know about SSIA and why do you choose to join the Association?

Through some networking sessions, I was introduced to SSIA and how the association supported the growth and development of the semiconductor industry.  The opportunity was extended to me to join them to handle marketing & communication for the association which I believe it will strengthen my experience and exposure with the wide network within the industry. 

4. What are the similarities and differences between your previous roles and the role in a semiconductor trade association? 

I used to manage all internal and external events for the APAC region with audience that are mainly the internal stakeholders and customers.  In the current role, I got to work with all levels of personnel from the government agencies, IHLs, industry partners and leaders.  From handling all types of events to supporting the workforce initiatives from the government agencies, it was definitely a new experience to me in my career path.

5. Can you tell us your main roles in SSIA?

As a Project Manager, I plan and oversee all events that drive the society’s objective to help making a difference to the members and also ensure all activities are creating value in the industry. I manage end to end project from defining all deliverables including scope, tasks, schedules and budget to deliver expected end results for strategic initiatives.

6. What do you enjoy most about working in SSIA?

I guess working with the team that put together a variety of events and seeing how these events was successfully organised have given me the sense of greatest achievement.  Organising each event is a new challenge and that greatly appeals to me because I will usually end up learning a lot from these journeys.

7. How do you see the changes in the semiconductor industry in Singapore in the recent 10 years

Over the last decade, I’ve seen how Semiconductor industry has contributed to the change of common household with the smart technology. The semiconductor scene has been evolved with the inclusion of emerging technology such as Artificial Intelligence, 5G networks and the rapid growth of Automotive and Industrial Electronics. These technologies have greatly transformed on how we live in a smart and connected city.

8. Let’s talk about something personal. We know you love baking. Can you share with us a bit more about your hobby?

I am meticulous and perfectionist by nature.  Putting these traits both in my work and hobby, I’m also a self-taught baker who will improvise all the recipes research online and immerse myself for more than half a day, just to decorate a birthday cake which is usually requested by friends.  There will be a great sense of fulfilment whenever I see how my friends or relatives enjoy the cake that I have specially made for them.

“I guess working with the team that put together a variety of events and seeing how these events was successfully organised have given me the sense of greatest achievement.”



Daphne (4th from left) and the SSIA Secretariat team

Home-made cakes by Daphne