In early 2018, ASMPT has been honoured with a highly prestigious recognition as a Top 100 Global Tech Leader by Thomson Reuters who reckons that “the Top 100 Global Technology Leaders are the organizations poised to propel the future of technology.”  ASMPT is the only back-end equipment supplier recognized on this list.

ASMPT was established back in 1975 with humble beginnings, and has taken a long journey to become the world’s #1 supplier in the semiconductor assembly and packaging equipment industry since 2002.  The Company is headquartered in Singapore with a significant R&D presence.  With respect to global R&D strength and coverage, currently ASMPT employs more than 1,900 R&D engineers and professionals in 9 R&D centers around the globe including Taiwan, Hong Kong and Chengdu (China), Singapore, Regensburg and Munich (Germany), Weymouth (United Kingdom), Beuningen (the Netherlands), and Porto (Portugal), and holds more than 1,100 patents.

As a global technology leader, ASMPT is committed to working with major industry players on the next generation of advanced technologies, in tandem with the trend of miniaturization and the scaling down of the wafer node.  In the past few years, ASMPT has indeed been investing ahead of the curve thereby having a comprehensive and unparalleled product portfolio in the advanced packaging market.  Back in 2011, the Company had foreseen the potential convergence of the assembly and packaging equipment and the SMT (Surface Mount Technology) industries which prompted the Company to acquire the SMT business from Siemens in that year.  In April 2018, ASMPT has announced an important acquisition for NEXX, from Tokyo Electron Limited, which is specialized in the area of RDL (Redistribution Layer) and is complementary to its existing advanced packaging solutions.  In view of the phenomenal growth expected in the development of data centres and cloud computing, ASMPT has further invested in Silicon Photonics through the acquisition of AMICRA from Germany.

As early as in 1999, ASMPT has received the significant Technology Achievement Award for “outstanding R&D achievements that have contributed significantly to Singapore’s economy” from the National Science and Technology Board.  In the same year, ASMPT has received the Technology Achievement Award in Hong Kong from the Federation of Hong Kong Industries.  More recently, ASMPT has garnered similar Technology Achievement Awards in Hong Kong in 2015 and 2017 won with the state-of-the-art Thermal Compression Bonder (TCB) and Active Alignment (AA) equipment, respectively.   In the area of customer service, ASMPT has earned a “triple crown” from VLSIresearch for “RANKED 1st”, “10 BEST Supplier”, and “THE BEST Supplier” from 2017-2018.

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