Automation Supplier Day 2019



Mr Robert Ronald

Master Program Manager, Strategy & Planning, Injet Supplies Operations
Hewlett-Packard Singapore Company


SMART Manufacturing Journey – What you need to know?

  • Traditional to SMART MFG – Driving Forces
  • Visionary Leader
  • How to create a Vision Board 
  • Mission Statement
  • Road Map 
  • Employees Onboard – 5 Step Communication
  • Success Stories
  • Challenges

Mr David Chia

Managing Director
Beckhoff Automation Pte Ltd


Next Steps Towards Industry 4.0

“Industry 4.0” was a term invented in 2011. Since then, we have heard a lot about Industry 4.0 and the many technologies in the market for such implementation. While many are overwhelmed by the information available, we need to start exploring the next steps: We have talked about roadmap, but where should we start? How to kick-off my first project moving towards Industry 4.0? Is it going to be costly? How does the new technology co-exists with my legacy systems? 

During this session, we would like to answer these questions with the open control technology from Beckhoff.

Mr Jayachandiran

Senior Project Manager
Infineon Technology Asia Pacific Pte Ltd


Opportunities in the Industry 4.0 transformation Era

  • About industry 4.0 and the need for adoption
  • Big Picture of Smart Manufacturing
  • Smart Manufacturing Journey at Infineon Singapore (with examples of initiatives)
  • Opportunities for solution providers in the I4.0 transformation
  • Challenges

Mr Chan W.E

Technology Director
Dream Technology System Pte Ltd


Virtual Comissioning with NX MCD and PLCSim Advanced by Chan Dream Technologies

Virtual commissioning with a digital twin is revolutionizing how Machine Builders are bringing their products to market. It allows for a 3D CAD model of a machine to be animated to emulate the real behaviour of the machine, where the animations are controlled by a virtual PLC. This video explains the main benefits of virtual commissioning with NX MCD and PLCSim Advanced.

Mr James Yip

Senior Industry Development Manager


A*STAR Collaborative Commerce Marketplace

Launched in 2016, the A*STAR Collaborative Commerce Marketplace (ACCM) is a complimentary government-driven online portal for SMEs and MNCs to connect, network and form business partnerships. To date, more than 900 companies have registered with ACCM. The ACCM portal provides a listing of companies in which the companies’ process and skill competencies are profiled. The ACCM helps to facilitate the matching of business requirements, create opportunities for collaboration, and to establish collaboration and partnership among companies of all sizes

Mr Jeffrey Pan

OTR Lead Facilitator


The Operation and Technology Roadmap program

OTR is designed as a platform to support organization develop a defined operation and technology plan to ensure the allocate of their resources to technologies will have a direct, positive impact to their future business and market needs.

The roadmap process facilitates thinking about long-term goals and strategies, at the same time it links companies to relevant technology experts in the public sectors. With the support of professional facilitators and scientific experts, companies can now navigate more skilfully the diverse and complex technologies out there while thinking about how they could develop and embrace new capabilities. In the process, research institutions can better understand the needs of the companies, and direct their R&D efforts towards research programmes that will benefit the industry.

The OTR program launched by A*STAR is adopted from the T-Plan process developed at Cambridge University. The facilitators are specially trained in creating a conducive environment for management team to discuss technologies and innovations, it has proven also to be helpful in internal communication and teamwork.