Automation Supplier Day


Automation Supplier Day has been our annual flagship event to encourage business matching among local and foreign companies in our semiconductor ecosystem. This year’s theme will be on “Expanding Business Opportunities with Industry 4.0“, with special focus on areas of advanced manufacturing and energy and water savings solutions. This event helps end users speak on their business needs, and the general trend of the industry, at the same time allow solution providers to showcase their solutions and ultimately to promote business matching.

This year, the Automation Supplier Day will be riding on a webinar platform, providing unique opportunities to showcase disruptive trends in advanced manufacturing and best practices of advanced end users of automation solutions in the electronics and semiconductor industry. The event allows end users & suppliers to explore technology and business collaboration opportunities through innovative sharing, virtual exhibitions as well as business matching sessions throughout the 2 days.

Solutions to be showcased will include solutions using artificial intelligence and big data analytics in advanced manufacturing. Event highlights include presentations providing insights on how to leverage artificial intelligence, IoT, big data analytics and machine learning to intelligently improve manufacturing performance, and showcase supplier’s capability in terms of product and services. In the business matching and networking sessions, companies will get the opportunity to engage and connect with each other on solutions for advanced manufacturing as well as energy and water savings, which is also a key challenge in manufacturing operations in Singapore.

All participants will get the permission to join an exclusive SSIA Linkedln group to expand your business network with automation solutions providers and end-users.


Innovative sharing among suppliers

Learn insights and updates on products and services to upgrade your company

Business matching 

Virtual Exhibition



DAY 1 – THURSDAY, 16 JULY 2020

8:45 AM
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9:00 AM
Welcome & Opening Address
Mr Ang Wee Seng, Executive Director

9:10 AM
K&S Operation’s Journey in Digital Transformation and Smart Manufacturing
Mr TK Loh, Senior Director of Equipment Operations Engineering
Kulicke & Soffa

An overview on the transformation of K&S’s global operations into a competitive organization by transforming our collective mindsets based on data-analytics driven decision making culture, teamwork & collaboration, seamless connectivity and continuous learning. It will touch on how the use of Data Analytical tool changed the behavior of individual and the organization.

  • An overview of K&S and our industry and our product
  • Our digital transformation in mindset and infrastructure
  • The Impact on our productivity, quality and competitiveness, our organization and our people
  • Our partnership and collaboration with NUS on deploying artificial intelligence for manufacturing operations
  • The challenges, the lessons learned and the successes

9:40 AM
No Shortcuts: Evolutionary Steps to smarter Manufacturing
Mr Ricco Walter, Managing Director
SYSTEMA Automation Singapore Pte Ltd

In this breakout session, SYSTEMA will further illustrate how to utilise automation to become paperless and finally to enable “hands-free” manufacturing. Transforming manually performed business activities into processes that are orchestrated and controlled through smart manufacturing solutions is mission critical, especially to meet the current challenges like:
– Reduce dependency on human scheduling, operation and material transport
– Enable remote diagnostics by adding IoT sensors
– Increase consistent operation and process control.
Participants can feel free to raise their faced challenges and get insights on possible solutions and collaboration. 

10:10 AM
Holding out for a HERO – Closing Automation Gaps with Mobile Robots from Germany
Mr Claus Kleilein, Global Director Sales,
Fabmatics GmbH

The “Internet of Things” and growing digitalization in all areas of life will continuously increase the demand for semiconductors. Fab automation is one of the greatest potentials for semiconductor factories to effectively address the rising challenges in manufacturing. In particular, material flow automation, which often shows gaps, is a central starting point to increase the Fab productivity in an elementary way. Conventional systems such as OHT or conveyor systems often reach their limits under today’s production requirements. This presentation will focus on mobile robots as an answer to the flexibilization of semiconductor production in order to overcome the limits of static automation systems. Mr. Kleilein will share some application examples and point out further ways to close automation gaps in 300 and 200mm Fabs.

10:40 AM
End of Day 1 conference

1 – 2:45 PM

Afternoon breakout session: Connect with the experts & collaborate

Gain ready-to-use insights on the solutions and technology shared by our solution providers to support your business continuity. Get your most pressing questions answered via live interactive sessions.

1 PM

Breakout session with Systema Automation Singapore Pte Ltd

2 PM

Breakout session with Fabmatics GmbH

DAY 2 – FRIDAY, 17 JULY 2020

8:50 AM
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Participant will need to identify themselves by entering ‘Name & Company’ before clicking “Join”

9:00 AM
Welcome & Opening Address
Mr Ang Wee Seng, Executive Director

9:05 AM
Practical guide of AI Inspection and AI Preventive Maintenance
Mr Jiro Chiba, Consultant
NEC Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd

As COVID-19 continues to spread around the world, the impact on our daily lives and economies is truly on an unprecedented scale. From now on, society as it was, its values and social behavior will need to change, creating a new set of values, “the new normal,” which we all need to accept and adapt to. Taking this new normal into perspective, the NEC Group aspires to contribute to creating new social value through our activities that include enabling digitalization, online, remote, touchless, and labor-saving initiatives. NEC brings together our AI Visual Inspection Solution, AI Anomaly Detection and innovative remote solution into the manufacturing world where it is imperative to enable remote working for business continuity and to prevent further spread of the infection.

9:35 AM
Business Continuity and Competitiveness during The New Normal
Michelle Phua, Co-Founder & Director of Operations
Mike Feng, Head of Solutions
Innowave Tech Pte Ltd

2020 has given new meaning to the word “disruptive”. Not only must the semiconductor industry keep itself abreast with the technological revolution of Industry 4.0, it must contend with the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Innowave Tech promotes business continuity and competitiveness in the industry by providing state of the art technologies: remote assist via augmented reality, industrial IoT, machine learning and computer vision, enterprise VPN, equipment remote control and monitor, and facial recognition with thermal sensor access control. Our mission is to ensure that our partners not only survive, but excel during these challenging times. We will also provide a sneak preview of the 3 solutions with actual hardware and applications.

10:10 AM
Transforming Business with AI
Mr Kevin Lee, Head, AI Advisory and Adoption
AI Singapore

AI is a transformative technology that is disrupting many industries today. In this presentation, AISG will share some common AI models that have been implemented successfully by many high-performing companies to improve and enhance their operations.  In addition, AISG will also highlight the programmes available to help Singapore companies kick start their AI journey and seize the business opportunities to gain a competitive advantage. 

10:35 AM 
End of Day 2 conference

1 – 2:45 PM

Afternoon breakout session: Connect with the experts & collaborate

Gain ready-to-use insights on the solutions and technology shared by our solution providers to support your business continuity. Get your most pressing questions answered via live interactive sessions.

1 PM

Afternoon Breakout session with NEC Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

Deep-Dive into 4 solutions in AI visual inspection, detection and performance analysis with NEC. There will be demo, case study and Q&A session for each of the following areas:

  • AI Visual Inspection
  • AI Anomaly Detection
  • Video based Skill Transfer and Digital Manual, Performance Analysis
  • SmartMat (IoT Weight Sensor)

2 PM 

Riding the Innovation Wave: Business Continuity and Competitiveness during The New Normal by Innowave Tech Pte Ltd

In this breakout session, Innowave will dive into some of these common pain points, the solutions we provide, and how they are designed specifically to solve your problems. Whether you are experiencing an operational or strategic challenge, or wish to know what’s new in AI and manufacturing, come on by and we would love to answer your questions.

Advanced Manufacturing

Improving automation and connectivity for Industry 4.0

Energy and Water Savings Solutions

Better control over resources to reduce costs and waste




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