SSIA Executive Director, Mr Ang Wee Seng, was invited to the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) Facebook Live session, Let’s Get Live, on 27 February 2020. Together with Associate Professor (A/Prof) Justin Pang and Associate Professor (A/Prof) Neelakantam Venkatarayalu, Wee Seng shared his experience, knowledge on the electronics industry and thoughts on the SIT’s new programme, Electronics and Data Engineering (EDE) degree.

The four-year honours degree programme is jointly offered by SIT and Technical University of Munich (TUM), which is recognized as the best university in Germany for Technical and Engineering courses. Notably, TUM graduates have been able to secure a job in relevant fields shortly after graduation.

Meeting the Industry’s Needs

SIT aims to nurture graduates of the course to be industry-ready and equipped with professionalism. Through industrial feedbacks, SIT curated a series of digital skillsets that potential employers and industry leaders are looking for in the next generation of engineers. With a strong focus and specialization on electronics and data engineering, the new course aims to integrate graduates with digital capabilities to build a new generation of “Dream Engineers” as Wee Seng called it.

A distinct feature of SIT’s degree programmes is the Integrated Work and Study Programme (IWSP) which provides students with the opportunity to undertake real work, allowing them to integrate and practice in realistic work situations. IWSP also gives students the opportunity to develop professional networks and interpersonal skills. Moreover, A/Prof Pang mentioned that there will be a three-week Overseas Immersion Program (OIP) in Germany in the final year of the EDE programme. It presents a great opportunity for students to mingle with TUM students on campus, network with German companies, and organize industrial visits or research seminars.

Wee Seng emphasized on the benefits of the OIP as it exposes students on the cultural difference between Singapore and Germany. This will help them understand how cross-cultural communication plays a part in a working environment.

Throughout the course, students will be provided with a holistic education and network that may secure them a work opportunity in Singapore or overseas.

According to A/Prof Neelakantan, several data visualization tools that are known to be a level above the usual data engineering aspects will be introduced to widen students’ knowledge and capabilities. Wee Seng stated that the career prospects for the programme graduates could cover a wide spectrum depending on one’s interest. He believed the industry is expanding considerably and the demand for these “Dream
Engineers” would certainly be higher than the intake.

“Let’s Get Real” Live Q&A Session with Associate Professor Justin Pang (left), SSIA Executive Director Ang Wee Seng (center) and Associate Professor Neelakantam Venkatarayalu, Deputy Programme Director of Singapore Institute of Technology (right)