When it comes to job search, a good resume is paramount. After that, acing a job interview also has as much to do with the way the candidates prepare. To help candidates of the SSIA Professional Conversion Programme (PCP) better prepare themselves during the job search process, NTUC’s e2i (Employment and Employability Institute) and SSIA co-organized two career preparatory webinars ‘Win the Search’ and ‘Win the Interview’ on 8 May and 12 May 2020 respectively.

Winston Chue, Instructor of the two webinars and Chief Executive of Quest Discovery Academy, shared with participants the techniques to customize an effective resume and create an effective Linkedln account for better visibility in the ‘Win the Search’ webinar. Participants got the chance of working on their resume on the spot as well as a 1-to-1 consultation with Winston. In the ‘Win the Interview’ webinar, Winston gave advice on how to prepare for the challenging questions at job interviews and crafting an elevator pitch.

Participants were engaged in the webinars, especially during the breakout sessions. They raised different questions about building their resumes and preparing before job interviews. Questions included, what kind of personal details should they include in the resume, and if age is a concern amongst hiring companies.

“Knowing is not equivalent to doing. Go out, practice and do it right. Be clear of what you are to do.  Don’t give up.  There is always a silver lining out there,” said Winston when asked about the key takeways he wanted the participants to get after the webinars. “I noticed that most of the participants have a lot of potential in them, akin to a precious stone.  Some needs slightly more work, like re-shaping and cutting – to bring out the beauty in them.  While others just need polishing to bring out the glitter in them.  Most importantly, the participants are willing to set aside time at  home to invest in themselves to learn the tips and tricks of the current employment trends.”