It is one of SSIA’s missions to engage and entice the young engineering and science students across the Singapore Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs) to join the semiconductor industry.

On 14 October 2020, SSIA Executive Director Ang Wee Seng was invited to speak as part of ITE College Central’s Virtual Education and Career Fest 2020. About 460 students and lecturers tuned in to hear Wee Seng’s presentation on his career journey and career opportunities in the semiconductor industry. Students were most interested to know if higher education was required to get ahead in the industry. While most engineering positions do require degree level knowledge, Wee Seng also highlighted that there are many career pathways in the sector and encouraged students to pursue lifelong learning to stay relevant in any career they chose to pursue.

Wee Seng also gave a talk at the “Innovation, Technology and Management” Masterclass at TUM Asia on 30 October 2020. It was the second year for him to share with their students on the Singapore Semiconductor ecosystem, the challenges and opportunities in the semiconductor industry as well as the latest update and initiatives launched by SSIA.