Career Conversion Programmes (CCP)

Formerly known as Professional Conversion Programmes (PCP), this is part of Workforce Singapore’s (WSG) initiative to support mid-career jobseekers and help them move into new occupations and sectors, in partnership with the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) and Singapore Semiconductor Industry Association (SSIA).

Locals who meet the following criteria can apply for the programme:

  • Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident
  • Minimum 21 years old
  • Graduated or completed National Service for at least 2 years prior at the point of application
  • New job role trained for under the CCP should be substantially different from previous job role(s), hence requiring reskilling for career conversion
  • Meet employer or course-specific selection criteria for each programme, where applicable

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CCP for Electronics Engineer / Assistant Engineer

CCP for Electronics Operator