Think you can’t live without your smartphone, Airpods or PS5? What really sustains the gadgets you reach for are semiconductor chips – many of them designed or made in Singapore. Here’s a

look at the tech you love, and the chips that make them tick

1. Portable and lightning-fast laptops 

Chromebooks have come a long way since their 2011 launch and MediaTek Singapore’s MT8183 chip delivers super-fast start-up times, multiple-app operation and long battery life. The chip, designed for global brands like Acer, ASUS, HP, and Lenovo give study and play time equal efficiency with no overheating of the laptop.

2. Game on!

Loving the speed and graphics of your PS5, and Xbox Series X and Series S? These gaming consoles are powered by custom processors that use leading technology from Advanced Micro Devices (AMD). Its Singapore office plays a major role in the Research and Development that helps deliver the perfect gaming experience.

3. Real-time, real smooth

Whether it’s a math class on Zoom or hanging out on Houseparty, Inphi’s electro-optical chips smoothen out livestreaming kinks. Its new generation of PAM4 DSPs provide higher bandwidth in a smaller footprint, and are more power efficient. That translates into chatting or safe-distance chilling – with no lag.

4. No more noise

Realtek’s RTL8773B chip has pushed noise-cancelling headphones to the next level. The chip supports the latest Bluetooth 5 specification and Hybrid ANC (Active Noise Cancelling), which means great sound, no noise interference and lower power consumption, whether you’re listening to music or talking on the phone.

5. Ready to fly

We’re all looking forward to dusting off our passports, and SSMC’s (Systems on Silicon Manufacturing Company) biometric chip is what keeps our personal data safe as we cross national borders. More than 100 interlinked software codes are verified between the time we insert our passports into an airport reader and when the barriers let us through.

6. Quick recharge

Device low on juice? Most of us grab a fast charger without realising it is powered by a chip. Infineon Technologies’ unified charger and adapter (UCA) is a power IC chipset and system solution that packs fast-charging into a highly compact form factor, meaning that it is also smaller, lighter and more energy-efficient than conventional chargers.

7. Fancy footwork

Running shoes have been given a smart makeover, with razor-thin sensors from heel to toe that turn them into a running coach. These leading-edge chips, which pair with a smartphone app to analyse your stride length, speed, ground contact time, among other things, are created using equipment designed by Lam Research, and find their way into brands like Under Armour. A real step up for runners!

8. Your health, on track

Love how your smartwatch and AirPods can handle anything from notifications to location tracking? It’s the sensors inside them, developed and perfected by companies like Infineon Technologies Asia Pacific. Of note is the XENSIV DPS368 – a miniaturised digital barometric air pressure sensor that gives precision to your health data.

9. Insta-perfection

ASM Pacific Technologies gives you reason to smile even wider. A typical smartphone can contain components designed and manufactured on equipment from at least six of ASM’s product lines. These include the image sensors and LED components that boost camera quality and lets you edit and apply fun filters to your pictures.

10. Bye Bye Bezel

With phone displays, bigger is better. ams’ TMD3719 means smartphone manufacturers can now move sensors normally found in the bezel, or the border between the screen and the phone frame. The result: an extended display, among other things. TMD3719 also enables some other handy functions – auto-adjustment to the lighting environment, the removal of annoying bands from pictures, and disabling the touchscreen when you put your phone to your ear.