The AGC Group’s Electronics business provides essential materials and solution to the semiconductor industry. In its electronics material business, AGC contributes to the most advanced sectors in the semiconductor industry for both front-end and back-end processes. Our products are proven to hold high reputation in terms of the superior quality performance with high durability.

AGC has been supporting the wafer fabrication industry in Singapore for more than 30 years. With the growing importance of semiconductors as an essential component, the role of AGC Asia- Pacific as a material supplier will be substantially crucial. We promise to produce products that continue to support the day-to-day life of the people around the world. AGC’s products include Synthetic Fused Silica Glass AQ series for stepper lens and photo mask, SiC (Silicon Carbide), CMP Slurry for chemical polishing and Frit Paste for back-end assembly.

Synthetic Fused Silica Glass
AQ series

The synthetic fused silica glass AQ series is a high-purity, high-quality functional material based on AGC’s abundant experience accumulated over its long history of technological R&D in fine glasses, fine chemicals, and fine ceramics.
Applications :
1. Lens material for semiconductor lithography system
2. Lens material for FPD lithography equipment
3. Photo mask substrate
4. Other optical materials
5. Glass wafer

Silicon carbide (product name: ROICERAM™-HS)

Silicon carbide (product name: ROICERAM™- HS) has characteristics of high purity, high strength, low thermal expansion and excellent acid resistance and heat resistance. AGC has 30 years of experience as a supplier of parts for semiconductor manufacturing furnaces mainly in high temperature process. Our technologies accumulated in the semiconductor market have led to applications in high temperature oxidation/diffusion furnace, LPCVD furnace, and structure material for precision equipment in recent years.

CMP Slurry

AGC delivers slurry and polishing solutions that can be used for CMP processes, using an originally designed abrasive and manufacturing process. To realize multi-layered structures with high planarity and low defects, we optimize slurries that meet various applications in FEOL process.
Applications :
1. Ceria slurry for STI/ILD applications
2. High oxide rate process

Glass Frit, Glass Pastes and Low Temperature Hermetic Sealing Parts

Materials for electronics applications used for the purposes of insulation, and hermetic sealing are available in a variety of forms, including powder, paste, preforms, and tubes. These glass materials are mainly used in electronics applications for insulation, hermetic sealing, and protection purposes, etc. AGC leverages its strengths in design and analysis to expand applications of glass as a high-performance electronic material.