Developing the Mindset and Resilience of a Game Changer


Do your people have the passion, commitment and inspiration to drive your transformation agenda? What if they had the tools, mind-set and strategies to see the big picture and inspire others through their positivity and resilience? For your organisation to realise its transformation agenda, your managers and people need to first embrace the mindset of personal leadership and creativity and the passion and energy to drive changes.

This workshop will empower participants with the practical strategies, tools, principles and the motivation to develop and sustain the mind-set of a transformative leader, one capable of leading and driving change through your organisation regardless of position and title.


  • Understand what emotional intelligence is and how it affects your resilience, adaptability and effectiveness in driving your organisation’s transformation agenda
  • Master emotions and manage stress more effectively
  • Develop a proactive and positive, solutions-focused mind-set
  • Enhanced self-confidence to embrace new skills and ideas, take on new challenges and influence others through your personal energy
  • Renewed sense of personal purpose and meaning


This course is suitable for all companies, including MNCs and SMEs and strongly recommended for personnel from any department. It is particularly suited for key influencers (present and aspiring) and change champions at all levels of your organisation who, through the application of the skills, tools and strategies from this program will infect a positive ripple effect on others.


  • Live virtual training (including Q&A) via Zoom
  • 8 hours course delivered over 2 x ½ day sessions
  • Reflection activities completed in workbook and also shared online
  • Virtual break-out rooms for discussion and networking opportunities
  • Digital PDF version of Amazon best-selling “What’s GREAT about this? How to be resilient and thrive through disruption and change”
  • Assignments to apply learnings




Session 1 – The Mindset and Resilience imperative 

    • Industry 4.0 and what it means to your organisation
    • Why mindset and resilience matters
    • Typical responses to change
    • Understanding the emotions of change
    • Your emotional intelligence and activity
    • Strengthening self-awareness
    • Activity: Differentiating empowering versus disempowering emotions

Session 2 – Cultivating the energy of a leader

    • Managing energy versus time
    • Developing and sustaining the energy to drive change
    • Impact of your physiology on your emotions
    • Empowerment through movement
    • Managing breath and posture
    • Influencing others through your energy
    • Activity: Self-care rituals


Session 3 – Learned optimism

    • Staying positive through setbacks
    • The essence of being Proactive
    • Mastering focus
    • Managing the meaning we give to situations
    • Asking empowering questions
    • Cultivating gratitude
    • Activity: Finding the positives

Session 4 – Driving with Clarity and Purpose

    • Understanding your organisation’s transformation agenda
    • Aligning your personal path with that of your organization
    • Tapping into the power of purpose
    • Influencing through your WHY
    • Developing the courage to Fail Fast and Fall Forward
    • Activity: Goal Setting
    • Review and closure

“Globalfoundries have engaged the services of Dominic Siow since 2007. We found him to be an effective facilitator, who worked closely with our internal change agents and management team to successfully implement quality mindset change, organisational change and culture transformation. Dom has contributed significantly to our site’s transformation, which in turn has translated to bottom line results. He is a great coach in the areas of leading change, leadership, emotional intelligence and team building, and I would highly recommend him.”

Mr KC Ang, SVP and GM Asia and Europe Fab Operations, Globalfoundries


Dominic Siow,

Co-founder and Principal Consultant, EQ Strategist


Dominic Siow is the quintessential optimist. In 2006, he and his wife, Sue founded EQ Strategist with a mission to help create empowering workplaces where people wake up each and every day inspired to deliver extraordinary outcomes for their organisations. Since then, their work has helped create profound change at some of the biggest organisations in the world including Globalfoundries, Skyworks, Equinix, DBS Bank, SATS, Changi Airport Group and FedEx.

Prior to his present vocation, Dominic was a senior operations manager for IBM Australia and VP of Product Development at grapevine Technologies. He is the author of the Amazon Best Seller “What’s GREAT about this? How to be Resilient and thrive through disruption and change.


Organizer reserves the right to cancel the event due to unforeseen circumstances.
By participating in the online course, you consent to the audio and video recording and its release to be used for promotional purposes or any other purposes that SSIA deems fit.