Being successful within the digital manufacturing industry is never easy due to its competitive climate. With Arcstone’s solutions, learn how Lumileds, a global lighting solutions provider, has digitized their maintenance processes.

Lumileds’ Digital Transformation Journey

In 2018, Lumileds began its digital transformation journey as they prepared to scale their activities throughout their facilities regionally to be a leader in the data-driven manufacturing space. The transition began at the manufacturing facilities in Singapore and Penang, focusing on wafer and die fabrication of Lumileds high-performance LEDs. Lumileds’ digitalization effort centered on productivity and time saved in terms of data analysis and performance tracking. 

Due to the large number of machines at each site and heavy, paper-based maintenance processes, Lumileds faced maintenance management challenges. A digital revolution was very much required for the 1,000+ machines alone in the Singapore location, each requiring precise and thorough tracking. Digitalizing these paper-based methods and making the data available was the main challenge. Additional aspects were about preventive maintenance and the preservation of the quality.

Arcstone’s mission is to provide digital manufacturing solutions for Industry 4.0 and beyond to drive the digitalization of the industrial supply chain. Our solution digitalizes and transforms manufacturing processes from the shop floor straight into the hands of customers. By understanding Lumileds’ concerns, Arcstone sought to enable a more open, accountable, and productive manufacturing environment for Lumileds and other manufacturing players. Talking about Arcstone’s strategies for Lumileds, Justin Devakumar, Senior Manager at Lumileds, commented, “The digitalization of our maintenance process would significantly cut the time taken for technicians to search and print out checklists, update soft copy versions as well as automate the release of the tool back in our MES system.” 

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Two Phases to Deploy the New Solution

The deployment has yielded several impacts, both immediate and long-term. The short-term impacts that Arcstone brought were saving up to 30% of workforce hours and shortening maintenance periods by 25% per machine. There was a 14% reduction in indirect workload and 4 hours per day reduction for report generation. At the same time, our solutions have yielded improvements in analysis quality, preventive maintenance, and company-wide transparency in the long-term.

With this orientation, Arcstone’s deployment to Lumileds was enacted in 2 phases:

Phase 1 saw the creation and implementation of digital workstations at each of Lumileds’ locations to allow users to access the main interface from portable tablets, anywhere in the factory. Familiarity with the smart devices and the portability has simplified the transition to the modern workstation. The E-Checklist creator was a significant value-add, where the platform helped Lumileds remove the need to constantly build checklists and allowed all end-users to upgrade effortlessly. It also helped cut transaction time and scanned for improper formatting or unusual data automatically.

In Phase 2, Arcstone integrated with the customer’s existing MES, consolidating machine data and generating personalized reports and visualization software. Customizable dashboards featured on the digital workstation provided real-time traceability that was previously not readily accessible.

Lumileds’ Singapore site extended their digital transformation after the two phases by electronically integrating their calibration process and automating system data processing. The E-Calibration module and arc.quire, Arcstone’s data collection solution, was implemented to incorporate and streamline a multitude of data inputs and collection.

“Having a solution provider that is willing to partner with us in our digitalization journey has been key. Strong supplier collaboration and cross-learning is crucial for success in digital transformation, you need a good team to work with and solution providers who will go through the paces with you,” said Justin Devakumar, Senior Manager at Lumileds.

With the successful solutions provided by Arcstone, Lumileds will continue building towards a SMART Factory that focuses on digitalization of manufacturing interactions using smart devices and the introduction of IoT.


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