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Diversity & Inclusion: Do What’s Right, Not What’s Easy: Insights with CS Chua

Diversity & Inclusion: Do What’s Right, Not What’s Easy: Insights with CS Chua

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CS Chua with Infineon Singapore’s “Cultural Inclusiveness Fosters Talents” Team

Q: D&I has been a broad and increasingly important topic that most companies have been paying attention to. What does it mean to you personally?

Infineon is a global company that serves a diverse customer base around the world, through an equally diverse workforce. So to me, as a leader in the organization, it is my utmost priority to empower our people so that we can offer the best of Infineon for everyone. This can only be done through strong D&I initiatives to create an environment in which our diverse workforce can participate, belong and thrive.

Q: What are some of the ways that your company has been on advocating D&I in the past years, any challenges encountered?

D&I has been an integral part of Infineon’s culture and strategy. In particular, we define behavioral expectations for leaders and employees, setting the tone for how we interact with one another.

We also enable everyone in our organization with our D&l Toolbox, which includes learning materials, best practices,
measures, and practical tips. We have also introduced a slew of initiatives such as “Diversity. Everyday” and refreshed our D&I strategy to really bring out the
best in everyone.

Gender diversity remains a challenge for us in this industry, so we continue to put in the effort to boost it. For example by actively promoting STEM careers to female students at secondary schools via our Chips @School initiative, and get them inspired through our female engineers’ successes.

Q: This year’s International Women’s Day theme is on #EmbracingEquity. Can you share a little bit about what this catch phrase means to you personally?

I subscribe to the quote, “Do what is right, rather than what is easy”. From my experience, oftentimes, we are tempted to choose the path of least resistance instead of asking ourselves if the right things have been done.

Embracing equity to me means having the courage to do the right things in order to remove behavioral and structural barriers so as to fulfil the promise of equal opportunities. advancement, support and reward for all employees.

Q: How would you empower more voices in this sector and what are some of the measures that you will be doing on this front?

I am a strong advocate of bringing greater awareness about D&I and as such, support and applaud SSIA’s Annual Women in Semiconductor Forum.

Only with continual outreach events, education and campaigns can we bring to light the necessity to do more of the right things. As Infineon has a dedicated D&I team, I am supporting the team in their initiatives, and role modelling desired behaviors for my managers every day because D&I begins with each one of us too!


Contributed by:

CS Chua
President and Managing Director, Infineon Technologies Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

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