Even as many sectors scaled back in 2020, the electronics and semiconductor industry was blazing forward. It continues to create good job opportunities and offer a variety of roles to shape the future of technology.

In Singapore there are currently more than 2,800 jobs and training opportunities for the sector, spanning the value chain from technical and innovation engineers, to process and operations roles, and global supply chain roles. Companies in the industry are continuing to hire aggressively into 2021, fueled by the acceleration of digitisation, disruptive new technologies, and cutting-edge devices from smartphones and wearable devices to driverless cars, all of which have semiconductors at their core.  

A Hub for Company Exhibitions and Job Opportunities 

To grow a sustained talent pipeline for the electronics and semiconductor sector, as well as make the electronics sector an attractive environment to work in, Singapore Semiconductor Industry Association (SSIA), has partnered JTC and e2i, electronics companies and Institutes of Higher Learning (IHL) to launch the second edition of Electronics Industry Day from 27 January to 28 February 2021. The Electronics Industry Day is a flagship event that brings electronics companies and IHLs’ students together on one platform. Held virtually this year, the event consists of various activities targeting over 2,000 students and job seekers, including a career fair, plant tours, exhibitions of over 30 companies, and industry talks. The event page is https://ssia.org.sg/jobs.

SSIA has also launched different initiatives since mid-last year to support companies on their hiring needs. The Association has championed a Semiconductor Communication Campaign with Economic Development Board (EDB), which brings the critical role chips play to the forefront, showcases exciting developments, and profiles young people in the sector. Other initiatives include the new semiconductor job portal, career fairs, school career talks, and the ongoing Professional Conversion Programme.

The Electronics Industry Day online platform


Enhancing the Physical Infrastructure for The Electronics Sector

Besides supporting the industry on talent attraction efforts, JTC is working closely with partners and businesses to enhance the physical infrastructure for the electronics sector. JTC unveiled a 5-Year Estate Enhancement Plan during the inaugural Electronics Industry Day in 2019 to make Wafer Fab Parks more vibrant and conducive environment for talent and companies. A series of physical enhancements will be rolled out across Wafer Fab Parks progressively from 2021 to 2025. Mr Cheong Wee Lee, Director, Biomedical & Electronics Cluster, JTC, said, “The Electronics sector continues to see positive growth and good job opportunities even in the midst of the pandemic. The second edition of Electronics Industry Day has seen increased company and student participation. This is a great time for job seekers to interact directly with companies and learn how you can shape the future through new technologies. The transformation of industrial estates like JTC’s Wafer Fab Parks with more greenery and cycling paths will also be an added advantage in creating a more attractive work environment.”

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