SSIA Executive Director Ang Wee Seng was invited to share his profession and career journey with 80 students from the Canberra Secondary School on 5 March 2020. During the sharing, he introduced to students the development, ecosystem and the significance of the semiconductor industry in Singapore. Many students were interested in knowing more about the job opportunities and remuneration in the industry. It is so encouraging to see many students feel excited about pursuing a career in the semiconductor industry.

During the Q&A session, one of the students asked Wee Seng an insightful question. She asked if Wee Seng could give her any advice when she successfully becomes an engineer one day. Wee Seng answered, “Never stop learning. The continuous learning culture is something engineering companies stress on too, especially semiconductor and electronics companies.”

Building a sustainable talent pipeline is essential for continuing the innovative advances that define the semiconductor industry. It is one of SSIA’s missions to encourage the next generation of semiconductor professionals. Schools which are interested in inviting SSIA to share about different perspectives of the semiconductor industry can email