Applied Materials (Applied) in Southeast Asia is home to a diverse and global workforce – we hail from 18 countries and many of us helm regional and global roles. As a company, we invest in the professional development of all our team members at every stage of their careers, whether you are a semiconductor veteran, an experienced professional new to our industry or just joined us post-graduation.

We are proud that our efforts in people development and culture of inclusion are recognised as we were once again announced as one of Singapore’s Top Employers in 2021. In addition, Applied was ranked #14 by the global Training Magazine for our development programs which are designed to enable our employees to grow strength to strength with us.

Hear from three of our employees – Elaine, Tuck Foong and Jeck Ann on how they grew their careers with Applied Materials.

Senior Manager
Commodity Business Management

“At Applied, we focus a lot on innovation, performance and teamwork, this means a fair, and conducive environment for all.”

Being in the industry for over two decades, Elaine Seah continues to find joy in solving the unique industry challenges and delivering Supply Chain excellence to Applied and its customers. What keeps her going is the evolution of the function and role which enables her to continuously learn innovative approaches for materials assurance. Most importantly, she knows the team makes an impact on the company’s growth and success.

The requirements of our supply chain are very different due to the  cyclical nature of the industry. How-ever, with everyone at Applied com-mitted to become the winning team, that really helps a lot when it comes to cross-team and even cross-site collaborations. We’re all focused on forging forward collectively as one team to make Applied the leading semiconductor firm across the globe.”

To Elaine, the industry and her workplace have undergone major transformations too

When she first joined the industry, her male colleagues took up about 80% of the seats in meetings. Fast forward to today, the ratio has balanced out with more females having a say in the male-dominated industry.

Senior Process Engineer
Metal Packaging Products

“Applied is enabling technologies that impact our everyday lives. This is how we’re making possible a better future.”

From the reusable plasticware in our food takeaways to network servers that facilitate the exchange of data, material processing technology and innovations play a critical role in powering our society.

“There are a lot of opportunities for internal movement and growth at Applied – I started off as a hardware engineer, before moving on to my current role as a Senior Process Engineer. This transition helps me better understand the close relationship between hardware designs, processes and precision materials engineering, which I think is really valuable as we continue to develop what’s needed for our customers to eventually deliver products that enhance the quality of lives in our society.

The team at Applied often comes together to collaborate and develop differentiated hardware capabilities to enable precision materials engineering. To Koh Tuck Foong, this had given him a broader perspective on what is needed to get the business running successfully – from R&D to developing the right capabilities for applications in the real world.

Customer Engineer

“I’ve had the honour to work with many bright minds at Applied, and I’m excited to see how we can leverage data to solve high-value customer problems across different industries.”

Joining the semiconductor industry was almost a natural choice for Tan Jeck Ann who had been passionate about IT and hardware since young. But joining Applied really widened his perspective when he witnessed how the company has enabled transformative changes in technologies that are fuelling the economy.

“One great example is a recent seasoning endpoint model project that I’m also personally proud of. As a mission-critical business, every second is valuable, and time saved here can result in production efficiency for our customers. By working closely with the process, hardware and algorithm development teams, we utilised onboard sensor data to tell when the process chambers are good to go, which helped solve a real-world problem that our customer was facing.”

Being in the industry for only five years, Jeck Ann thinks that there is still room for growth.

“Applied has provided us with many learning programs through the Applied Global University (AGU) including various back-to-campus courses. With the opportunity to team up with co-workers from different functional groups, this has been an eye-opening experience for me as we bring those theories that we learned in university to life.”

Growing together in the next 30 years  – Join us!

Applied Materials celebrates 30 years in Singapore. As we look to the next 30 years, we will continue to grow and invest in our talents. Join us to make possible a better future!

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