Global Executive Mindset (GEM) Online

Date: 14 and 21 August (participants must attend both sessions)

Timing: 9am to 12pm

Platform: Zoom platform


The 5% Zone – Visibility Strategies that Get you Recognized and Rewarded in Any Organization.

Today, most of us are privileged to work in companies that are diverse and often global. We want to get ahead and be recognized for all the great work we do or can do.  So, how do you achieve that?

Global Executive Mindset (GEM) Online comprises of 10 online modules where participants are required to practice and show mastery of the skills and techniques taught with worksheets and scenarios provided.


Understand what the expected appropriate behaviour senior management wants from you.  Help you recognize and know how you must appropriately “show up” in the five key work situations: your one on one meetings, team meetings, conference calls, business presentations, and company socials – especially with senior management.

Learn what you need to do in these situations, to connect personally, communicate confidently and stand out.   Also, we will cover what may be preventing you from participating even though you know you should.

Those who can do this successfully and effectively will be remembered in a positive way.


You will be able to come away and be equipped to: –

  • Switch to the right mindset instantly in critical situations.
  • Sound more structured and logical when you communicate.
  • Identifying the blocks that get in your way of speaking up.
  • Know how to talk to anyone about anything especially in social settings.
  • Control your energy level and knowing how to come across more confident.
  • Apply all these in the 5 situations where your leaders see or hear you.
  • Get access to specific micro online reinforcement content to enhance your learning.


  • The hard-working executives who aspire to get ahead
  • The Manager who wants to know how best to get into senior management
  • The executive who believes he/she has the ability to do better but can’t seem to communicate at different levels
  • Senior management and Leaders who want to learn how to help encourage and coach your team to express themselves well
  • The Senior executives who wants to get into the executive management team or into the Board room.


Ready to be more Visible and Get Noticed by your senior leaders?  Please join us:

Visibility Strategies that Get You Recognized and Rewarded

What You Can Learn In The Course


The 5% Zone is a high-paced and transformational virtual workshop filled with practical techniques and skills that you will practice and can apply immediately at these 5 work situations that will determine your visibility in the organization: –  the 1-on-1, Team Meetings, Conference Calls, Business Presentations and Company Socials.  It is here that your leaders will listen to your next great idea or your points of view on an issue or just see how comfortable you are interacting informally with them. Increase your communication repertoire, and know-how to change your virtual and face to face presence and mindset to standout in these critical “5% situations” with your senior leaders.


The modules cover these topics:

MOD I: Introduction

In the Global Executive Mindset modules, participants will get an employer’s insight of what is expected to excel to the next level in an organization. There are many parts to the GEM mindset including learning how to shift to your 5% zone. Within the next 10 modules participants will gain the knowledge to succeed in their organization through worksheet and video practice.

  • Recognizing the 95 vs 5% difference
  • Global Executive Mindset (GEM) model Philosophy
  • Introduction to GEM 7 Facets

MOD II: Foundational Concepts

In this video participants will learn what key factors are needed to stand out to their executives and change their perceptions of them. Participants will also learn three main philosophies that are crucial for getting noticed in every organization.

  • Identifying the 5 % with 2 levels up
  • Knowing what to do in the 5 work situations
  • Mindset change to be agile to adjust to audience

MOD III: Connecting Personally

Connecting personally can be the deciding factor between someone being remembered or forgotten. In this video participants will learn how to connect to people in different settings within multiple levels in an organization. It will also show participants how to nail their introduction, which will make them stand out and become memorable.

  • Be interesting and be remembered
  • Be interested and stand out
  • Practice

MOD IV: Articulate Your POV Clearly

Participants will learn the importance of articulating their points of view clearly and concisely when it comes to making an impact in key business situations. This video will provide tips on how to organize, structure and communicate messages while using appropriate language to convey them to the different audiences.

  • Getting to the point in Key Meetings and Presentations
  • Knowing how to Summarize Discussions for impact
  • Using “Set Up” statements to get attention

MOD V: Communicating Confidently

This video will provide participants the three central ideas to communicating confidently, a skill that everyone needs to master in any organization. They will also learn how to create questions in three different categories. In this module we will get them to prepare and practice them before their next meeting with senior leaders.

  • Articulating POV, POC and TPV
  • How to Participate Strategically
  • Asking Questions With Impact

MOD VI: Building Trust

In an organization, leaders are looking for people they can trust. This video will demonstrate the different power skills participants must accomplish to increase their credibility and trustworthiness and what to do to maintain it.

  • Gaining the trust of your direct reports, peers, and leaders
  • Three Core skills: Concern and Respect, Integrity and Results.
  • Identifying how and when to build Trust.

MOD VII: Providing Direct Feedback

The importance of providing direct feedback is discussed in this module. Participants will learn different skills on how to give appropriate feedback. This video will also touch on how to switch from negative to positive tones leaving a totally different impression.

  • Participating appropriately in discussions and meetings
  • Identifying Positive, Neutral, and Negative tones
  • Pushing back with right tone and still provide constructive feedback

MOD VIII: Taking ownership

There are many ways to achieve greater visibility in an organization; this module discusses how participants can take proactive ownership. There will be numerous tips on how and why they need to step up, put their hands up, and volunteer for key projects. When they take ownership or volunteer for projects they will be increasing their visibility within the organization.

  • Identifying opportunities to take ownership
  • Increasing your visibility and creating another Green X
  • Are you shying away from opportunities?

MOD IX: Coaching and Recognizing

An important part of being a leader is coaching and recognizing. This module will provide participants the skillsets and criteria’s that are needed to effectively coach and recognize any situation. When you can do this consistently with others it may be the difference between being a good leader versus being a great one.

  • Helps others achieve their goals
  • Gives others positive coaching feedback
  • Recognize and Rewards the efforts of others openly

MOD X: Success Strategies

The last module of the GEM program will reinforce and provide additional insights on everything participants have learned in the past 9 videos. There will be more elaboration of the power skills covered, questions to remember, how be better prepared, and many more practical examples.

  • Looking for the 5% opportunities to apply the Power Skills
  • Figuring your PATH to success
  • E= MC² Energy, Message and Communicating Confidently


Stephen Krempl

CEO of Krempl Communications International. Facilitator, Author, Global Speaker, and Coach. He has helped thousands of leaders in over 30+ countries through his programs W3 Winning in the Work World and GEM Global Executive Mindset both classroom and online programs have helped individuals Stand Out and get noticed in their organizations.


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