Seeing strong potential in the utilization of AI in Semiconductor & Manufacturing industry, Huawei seeks to collaborate with local enterprises to nurture and train new AI talents as well as strengthen the burgeoning AI industry ecosystem. Committed to cultivating 100 AI architects and 1000 AI developers in Singapore over the next three years, Huawei has put in place plans for the next five years to make this ambition a reality.


“Having a solution provider that is willing to partner with us in our digitalization journey has been key. Strong supplier collaboration and cross-learning is crucial for success in digital transformation, you need a good team to work with and solution providers who will go through the paces with you”. Chang Xin President of Huawei Intelligent Computing, Asia Pacific

Equipping the AI Educators

Huawei aims to contribute to growing the pool of AI talents in Asia by partnering and supporting 1000 universities and AI training organisations worldwide with curriculum development and training facilities. Given its proximity to universities in the region, Singapore is anchored to become the headquarters for AI talent training.

As part of this thrust, Huawei held its second AI Educator Symposium at NUS School of Computing on 28th Oct 2020. Over 3,000 educators from universities across Southeast Asia, polytechnics and top China universities met online to share innnovative ways of teaching AI to students of different ages. Significantly, the Symposium set the ground for Singaporeans, Chinese and regional educators to share ideas on the topic of AI education and how to prepare the next generation of students for challenges and opportunities brought about by rapid AI advancements.

Fuelling The AI Ecosystem

“Our various programmes showcase our commitment in taking the AI ecosystem in Asia to the next level. We plan for the long term and will continue to drive efforts to sustain and improve the AI ecosystem. We welcome further cooperation with Singapore universities, research institutes and enterprises”. Nicholas Ma CEO of Huawei International

Huawei’s AI Developer Programme currently supports over 1.3 million developers in creating innovative AI solutions. Towards bolstering AI industry capacity and capabilities, Huawei has previously announced its intention to invest US$1.5 billion in a second iteration of an AI Developer Programme over the next five years. Under the new programme, Huawei aims to support AI advancements through equipping developers with Huawei’s advanced computing capabilities, and promoting an AI development industry framework.

Besides an AI lab in Singapore, Huawei has launched a series of talent, innovation and Singapore-China bridging programmes, which provide training and workshop opportunities for hands-on practice with testing and integration facilities. More importantly, the bridging programmes provide an open and advanced platform for ecosystem development and industry collaboration.

One example of the Singapore-China bridging programme is the Artificial Intelligence Innovation Bootcamp in Singapore, which was held in 2019 and unfortunately cancelled in 2020 due to COVID-19. In addition, the company is also collaborating with WSG to offer Singapore students internship opportunities in the company starting next year.