In the last 2 decades, the semiconductor industry has been embracing digital transformation  enabled by technology applications in digital manufacturing and Industry 4.0 automation. Further, the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the pace of Intelligent Automation (IA) driven by IOT, Cloud, 5G and ML data insights.

SECS/GEM was considered to be the enabler for this integration, but so far it has proven to be a bottleneck as it has failed to integrate the machines and equipment across the floor to their respective MES systems for multiple reasons such as the cost of deployment and the limitation to apply for legacy machines or equipment that cannot be supported by OEMs.

Developing or upgrading a system with event-driven architecture as the foundation is the best way to get real-time data to AI systems for analysis and modelling. It requires integrated and connected IT and OT ecosystems to automate manufacturing operations, including across the supply chain.

Engineers at Brain Domain have developed tools and methodology that bypasses the need of SECS/GEM for integration. The whole suite called EnCom is the communication enabler that makes all the machines talk for the desired machine integration. Using Computer Vision, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) , Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), EnCom can be deployed across all the machines, independent of their operating systems and without interfering with source codes. A solution that is a mix of hardware and software, using bots to take suitable actions, mimics the human operators by reading the information on the GUI and concurs into events that are logged in the database. Events are a mix of items such as Alarms, Recipe, Logs, and lot information. A command centre can be setup either inside or outside of the cleanroom where machines can be monitored. This minimizes machine attending thus reducing a bulk of the load from the technical staff for attending to simple alarms, eventually boosting equipment uptime and reduce downtime by 50%.

Brain Domain also offers solutions for the Post Seal Inspection for traditional and wafer level packages. iR2R is a Reel to Reel Inspection system that replaces the traditional human inspector with an automated solution. This helps to plug the leak of any defects from the factory.  Introduction of industry first concept of Tape Map helps to locate the defective locations for the subsequent processes. The inspection process can be done at much higher speeds of 60k UPH upwards, and for certain packages it even reaches up to 120k. The latest image processing techniques are used to arrest the defects in tape, seal, mark, surface, and lead.


Another product offered by Brain Domain is a boon to the Die Banks. It provides IIoT based solution NxH-902 that turns Dry-Cabinets/ Dessicators into smart equipment. Nitrogen fed in these cabinets can be regulated with a closed loop feedback of humidity levels that can reduce the usage of N2 by as much as 80%, ensuring that the wafers are maintained in the right levels of humidity avoiding any oxidation. The health of storage can be monitored for any leakage. MQTT based devices are all connected to a central monitoring system with all logs and actions to support the engineering team.



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