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Over the years, companies, including SMEs, have approached SSIA to ask for support in developing the up and rising managers in their organisation. Together with our partner EQ Strategist, we have developed a program called Leadership in Engineering. The learning objective is to empower the participants with the mindset and soft skills of leadership, sharing from industry leaders and networking with their peers.


3 Days

Singaporeans / PRs: S$4,000 + GST
Foreigners: S$7,500 + GST

With the pace of change in the industry ever accelerating, organisations need to go beyond the old school model of a “leader with a thousand followers” to one where every staff is a leader, with or without at title.

This journey of leadership starts by empowering your people to embrace the mind-set of a leader, one who in the words of Steve Jobs, “thinks differently”. One who is inspired from within, committed to excellence, who boldly and fearlessly drives progress in order to make a positive difference with their colleagues.

With the right mind-set, emotional competencies and tools backed by the courage of persistent positive action, your organisation will then have the “heartware” that will magnify and drive the hardware (machinery) and software (tools) you already have to accelerate your organisation’s transformation.

This course will empower participants with the mind-set, emotional competencies and tools to help them make the effective transformation from high potential individual and manager to game-changing leader in their respective organizations. Through this program, they will also connect with and form a network of like-minded leaders they can each tap into when they complete this program.

As a participant on this workshop, you will experience the following benefits:

This workshop is delivered over the course of three days with the following course structure:

  • Pre-course work – Each participant will receive guidance on how to complete a DISC360 assessment
    • Participants will receive a personalised report of their DISC profile which will be a good foundation for an ongoing development plan
  • Three days of an immersive, inspirational and highly interactive workshop featuring contemporary best practice from the schools of leadership, neuroscience and high performance facilitated by Lead Coach, Dominic Siow, three other international Master Leadership Coaches and a Panel Q&A with two Industry Experts
  • Significant opportunities for networking
Day 1 — Leading Self Day 2 — Leading Others Day 3 — Leading Teams

Attributes of Leadership

Service-orientation and Stakeholder Engagement High-performance Teams
Leading VS Managing Panel Discussion: Beyond Talent to Effective Leadership Leadership Styles and Culture
Modelling the Energy and Resilience of a Leader Influence, Rapport, and Empathy Authentic, Purpose-led Leadership
Inspirational, Outcome-oriented Leadership Leveraging Healthy Conflict Cultivating the Growth-mindset through Coaching

All participants will receive a Statement of Participation as a result of completing this program.


Trainers — EQ Strategist

Dominic Siow

Dominic Siow
CEO/Co-Founder EQ Strategist, Speaker & Author

Jack Rankin

Sue Siow
Coach & Co-founder EQ Strategist

Jack Rankin

Jack Rankin
International Coach and Master Trainer

Dominic Siow

Andrew Davey
International Coach and Master Trainer

Dale White

Dale White
Exercise Scientist, International Coach, Speaker & Master Trainer

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