For many in the Class of 2020, the uncertain employment market made it hard to feel hopeful about prospects or earnings. Yet, one sector presented a bright spot, with active recruitment and promising possibilities: semiconductors. We speak to five school-leavers who found their dream jobs in the midst of a pandemic.

Kwang Hong Xing

Process Engineer, ams Sensors Singapore Pte. Ltd.

Joined June 2020

“When ams offered me a job as a Process Engineer, it was exactly what I wanted and could foresee myself doing long-term – it would also allow me to put into practice many of the things I had learnt. My job is very hands-on, I ensure processes on the production line behave as they should and provide immediate assistance to operators when there is a problem. It requires strong interpersonal skills, as well as a lot of critical thinking and making sensible judgements on the spot. That always gives me an adrenaline rush – deciding if a defect is serious enough to condemn a lot, and what the impact of that decision would be on the back-end. The more I do, the more interesting I find it, and the more convinced I am that this is where I want to be.”

Chew Yee Kiat

Production Supervisor, ASM

Joined September 2020

“It was my internship at ASM that convinced me that this was the industry for me. You see your ideas turned into solutions and know what you implemented has made an impact on the company and the world around you. I knew that COVID-19 had affected the job market, but I also knew that semiconductors were in demand and that ASM was growing at a rapid pace. I was traveling on a bus when I got the news that my application had been accepted. I remember feeling thankful that I could return to ASM and continue what I had started during my internship: coming up with innovative solutions, and working with people with truly open minds in a place that I’m always driven to do my best.”

Ricky Lim

Product Engineer, Marvell

Joined July 2020

“In engineering school, my classmates dreamed of interning as software developers in global firms. Me, I dreamed of immersing myself in the semiconductor sector – a sector fundamental to technologies from AI and electrical vehicles to the soon to come 5G network, but often overshadowed by more “glamorous” options. I wanted to understand everything about it. When I was offered a position as product engineer at Marvell Singapore, I was really grateful. I love my job and continually challenge myself at work to acquire new knowledge, ideas, and skills. There is no end to learning in this job, or to opportunities to contribute to cutting-edge performance, see things in a new light, or take that next leap.”

Oi Sok Yee

Engineer, MediaTek Singapore

Joined June 2020

“It was during my internship at MediaTek that I was offered a full-time position beginning right after graduation. Despite being nervous, what I knew was that I want to grow professionally as a female engineer, and some day, mentor other women in the industry. I believe that we are just as capable for roles in engineering.  And that is exactly what my experience at MediaTek has been. Barely six months into my job, I am already being assigned projects where I am trusted to work independently and to deliver quality work for customer projects. With the pace of technological advancement the way it is, I can look forward to participating in exciting projects with global impact, like 5G. It will be a proud moment when I own a smartphone or tablet that contains a chip that I worked on.”

Steffi Khoo

Field Process Engineer, Lam Research Singapore Pte Ltd

Joined July 2020

“I was attracted to the role of field process engineer because it requires teamwork for troubleshooting and problem solving. I had applied to multiple companies, and the offer from Lam Research Singapore was just what I was looking for – the opportunity to work with a great team, and one that is willing to help me learn both the technical and non-technical aspects of the job. It is fascinating working with tools and on processes that I had only ever seen on videos or the internet. The level of precision required and the way processes vary across tool types also mean I keep learning and, as I build up knowledge and skill sets, there are many opportunities to work on interesting projects.”