Mentorship Programme

What is SSIA Mentorship?

SSIA Mentorship program is an initiative from SSIA for the microelectronics students in Singapore. The objective of this program is to provide guidance/mentorship to the students with help from industry professionals. This in turn is aimed to help students understand better about this vibrant industry and facilitate them in their career path.

How does this program work?

SSIA has nominated some of its members as Mentors. These mentors are industry professionals and can advise students on various facets of the industry. To connect with a SSIA Mentor enter your questions and information by pressing:

What is this program?

This program is a forum for addressing queries on issues like career prospects, tips on getting a headstart in this industry, general working environment, general programs to help students embark on a career in microelectronics etc. This is not a forum to seek advice/suggestions on issues like design problems etc.

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The relevant questions and responses will be posted under Mentor Responses.

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