For those who are building careers in semiconductors, it is exceptionally empowering: it means being directly involved in designing and creating products that make a real impact – to the environment, health, safety, privacy… even the people around you. Five people from the industry tell you about the products they shape and the future they define through their cool semiconductor jobs:

Our products mitigate climate change

Alexavier Yong, Lead Engineer, Yield Engineering Department


“Climate change poses a growing threat to future generations, and I am proud to be in an industry and company that strives to mitigate the risk of global climate change. As the world becomes more urbanised, energy consumption – and the burning of fossil fuels – will also increase. This in turn leads to increased greenhouse gas emissions and global warming. Lumileds’ LEDs strive to be energy efficient, thus requiring less electricity to power, while maintaining optimal efficacy. Any reduction in greenhouse gas emission is a step towards sustainability and the preservation of our planet. It gives me a deep sense of fulfilment to be able to contribute towards this effort.”

Friends and family use products we make

Ponmithiran Kannan, Product Engineer


“AMD has its footprint across multiple categories from high-speed processors for laptops and gaming devices to multi-chip modules used for server products. As a product engineer, I was given the opportunity to work on cutting-edge technology powering the latest Xbox which hit the market last quarter. When a family member living halfway across the world coincidentally described to me the revolutionary features of the ‘new’ Xbox that he had bought, I felt a certain warmth in knowing that my work directly touched the lives of people everywhere, some of whom from my very own family.”

We define our technological future

Changfeng Loi, Director, Analog Design Engineering


“Inphi builds the high-speed highways that form the backbone of the internet and bring the world closer together, connecting family, friends and colleagues across long distances. They enable on-demand entertainment, like Netflix and Disney+, and transforms businesses by allowing them to tap into the cloud capabilities. These new trends will continue to grow exponentially, and I go to work every day knowing that the R&D we do help make this happen. I feel fortunate to be a part of this – the moments when the design pieces fit together like a solved puzzle are truly magical.”

Your home is safe because of our products

Chua Tien Ping, Principal System Architecture Engineer responsible for AI R&D


“The IoT chips I design go into household appliances and products, and help to detect unsafe events through video and audio analytics. The data analytics that take place within the chip enhances safety in homes and ensures the privacy of my friends and family members is protected. It gives me great satisfaction to see how these tiny chips provide complete and self-contained solutions, extracting useful information from the physical world and detecting any threats to safety or security. 

I am glad for the opportunity to research the application of state-of-the-art AI, and to implement this to our chips, and take pride in being responsible for ensuring that the performance of these chips meet the expectations of our end users.”

We keep your healthcare data secure

Sebastian Ong, Senior Regional Marketing Manager

Infineon Technologies

“There has been a growing trend towards connected healthcare devices, and growing recognition that healthcare data needs to be protected to secure the privacy of consumers. I am from Infineon Technologies, working on security and connectivity hardware products that go into IoT devices including healthcare wearables. These devices have multiple functionalities including remote patient monitoring, tracking and collecting health data. I am proud to be able to contribute to the technologies that help enhance healthcare and a healthy lifestyle for consumers while ensuring that their data is protected and remains secure.”