Operational Excellence Course

These days, we are faced with very challenging business landscape in an ever-changing global politics and market demand. Stiff global competition, operating cost pressure and high expectation for quality forces the need for many companies to relook into how they define the conventional operational excellence of their business. This is beyond achieving Key Performance Indicators (KPI), but rather, the need to always exceed KPI to be ahead in the business.

The new breed of businesses now realizes the need to establish a more holistic view of operational excellence philosophy. It is not about the destination (KPI), but the journey to achieve operational excellence in an organization. Such organization are now imparting not just the systematic approach methodologies, but the philosophy behind operational excellence to its people too.

Excellence is about the gradual result of always wanting to strive to do better. In this course, you will understand how excellence is not just about an engineer’s skillsets, but the engineer’s ability, motivation, attitude and mindset too.

There are several factors that drives excellence, because excellence can never be achieved by accident. This course will introduce you to how these various factors interacts with each other, and with the right combination of all these factors, you achieve excellence. Some of these factors include proper project management methodologies, strong teamwork culture, solid execution, error avoidance, good communications and most importantly, the right leadership traits to bring this all together.

This two-day course will help you understand how successful businesses are bringing their operational excellence successes to the next level, and how you could do the same for your organization.


To introduce engineers to a holistic view of Operational Excellence philosophy and help them understand how they can play a role in bringing their organization’s excellence to a whole new level.


Engineers from process, product, NPI, R&D, FA teams, in both semiconductor and electronics companies.


Mr Sandeep Kulkarni

Consultant, Impact Volution Consultation

Sandeep is an accomplished professional with 22 years of progressive experience working with blue chip companies in the electronics and semiconductor industries such as GlobalFoundries and National Semiconductor.

He was the Director for Yield Improvement, Defect Management and Metrology at GlobalFoundries Singapore. He joined GlobalFoundries in 1996 for thestart up of Fab3. During his 15 years of stay with GlobalFoundries he significantly contributed for 0.25, 0.18, 0.16 & 0.13 µm process from ramp to highest yielding stage.

He was also in-charge of Defect Management and Metrology group for LSI & global alliance fab in Singapore. He significantly contributed for Analog, Memory, RF and Mixed signal product defect limited yield improvement by effective use of metrology tools, smart and dynamic tools sampling andcontinuous improvement with module. He led various cross functional project teams to achieve Operational Excellence by first time proto type success, process improvement, scrap reduction & automation.

Sandeep was also the champion for Cost of Non-conformance (CoNc) across the Singapore fabs. He conducted various soft skill training development programs for Pro-activeness, Execution compliance, Error Avoidance and Excellence to drive quality mind set behavior and achieved less than 1% CoNc for high volume manufacturing. On top of that, he is well versed in Six Sigma, DOE, FMEA techniques, SPC, as well as wafer inspection and failure analysis tools.  

He is currently heading a consultancy firm specializing in Operational Excellence, Project Management overview, Communication Skills and programmes on Project Management. He is also part of the training panel for Impact Volution Consultation in Malaysia.

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