Dr Carlos Mazure

Dr Carlos Mazure

Dr Carlos Mazure

EVP, Advisor to CEO of Soitec | Chairman & Executive Director, SOI Industry Consortium

Dr. Carlos Mazure is the Chairman and Executive Director of SOI Industry Consortium since July 2014. He is also the EVP, Advisor to the CEO, at Soitec since April 2019, and EVP & CTO, Head of Corporate R&D at Soitec from January 2001 to March 2019

As an IEEE Fellow, 34 years of experience in Semiconductor Industry, Carlos is recognized internationally as an industry influencer and opinion leader.

As Chairman and Executive Director of the SOI Industry Consortium, he helps expand the market opportunities for the SOI industry through promotion of SOI platforms in the semiconductor ecosystem.

Prior to Soitec, Carlos headed the ferroelectric FeRAM program at Infineon (Munich, Germany), and initiated Infineon/Toshiba FeRAM Alliance. Earlier he worked for IBM/Infineon DRAM Alliance (Fishkill, NY); and before at APRDL, Motorola (Austin, Texas) on BiCMOS ultra fast SRAMs.

Carlos holds two doctorates (University Grenoble, France; Technical University Munich, Germany).  Authored/co-authored 120+ technical papers, holds 100+ US patents.

Member of several international advisory committees and company boards.

Topic: SOI Technologies for Automotive Electronics

Automotive opens many areas for microelectronics growth. It is driving verticals like edge computing and customized AI, smart connectivity and in particular ultra-low power electronics. For autonomous vehicles having AI computing at the node with low latency, high efficiency and low power requirements is a must. A review will be given of the different areas where SOI technologies are making a difference and enabling innovative solutions.