NTU Industry visit

31st  August 2018

August 31st 2018, was a field day trip for the Electrical engineering and Electronics students from NTU. A group of undergraduate students and post graduate students came together to immerse through industry visit to UTAC group and MICRON.

The day started early as the chartered bus left NTU with 35 students in total to UTAC, a OSAT company. Students were greeted by the Human Resource personnel Mr Rosli, and took some time to get the registration sorted. The day commenced with a presentation by Mr Rosli on UTAC company and the testing and assembly process. Students were quiet to start with but soon questions started lining up as the day went on. Mr Rosli passed around some out of production chips that intrigued students interest. Followed by the presentation, the group walked over to the manufacturing rooms to see how the entire testing and assembly process takes place.

Students were given a $5 voucher which was more than enough to fill the plates with plenty of food and drinks at the UTAC canteen. The group boarded the bus eagerly for the next stop over at Micron.

Micron registration was more tedious but we managed to get through that for an exciting welcome speech by Miss Zerlinda, Manager for Talent Acquisition. Miss Zerlinda welcomed the students with a sweet smile and was very approachable. She was joined by Mr Ivan from Human Resource. After the presentation, students were spilt into 2 groups and were ushered to different areas and were given a field tour of the plant. They also had the opportunity to enter the clean room with masks and show covers.

At the end of the session, NTU Alumnis from Micron addressed the students and were open to questions. There was not enough time to accommodate the firing of questions from students who by now were very keen to pursue their career in this industry. The questions were attest to that.

Students flocked to the HR personnel after the session for more personal questions. The day ended with Mr. Sandeep Chatterjee, encouraging the students to ignite their passion for a lifelong journey in this electronics and semiconductor industry.