SSLA Alumni Meet

On Feb 22nd 2019, participants from SSLA Run 1-3 got together, rekindling friendships and forging new connections. SSLA Alumni Meet was an initiative by SSIA to bring together the graduates from the Singapore Semiconductor Leadership Accelerator programme for a night of networking. SSIA had invited industry leaders and professionals to grace the occasion. Participants had a great time meeting their groupmates as well as forging new friendships, topped with good food.  The Meet was held at Dallas Restaurant & Barbat Suntec City Sky Garden. 

The Singapore Semiconductor Leadership Accelerator (SSLA) program was conceived as part of the Singapore Semiconductor Vision (SSV) 2020 in 2015. SSV 2020 is a taskforce comprising of private and public sector representation, and its goal is to increase competitiveness in Singapore’s semiconductor industry, which has over S$56B of annual manufacturing output and employing over 44,000 people at that point in time.

SSLA program was created with the above vision in mind, and focuses on mid to senior level management team. The program is in partnership with Human Capital Leadership Institute (HCLI).

Next run of SSLA is on 25 March 2019. For more information on SSLA, please click here.

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