(TECH 88 ) Career Talk at Marsling Secondary School

1st Feb 2019

SSIA took part in Marsiling Secondary School’s Career Day initiative last Friday, 1st Feb 2019, inspiring the upper secondary students on the field of engineering and semiconductor. Executive Director of SSIA, Mr. Ang Wee Seng addressed secondary 3 and 4 students who had selected engineering as one of their top career choices.

Mr. Ang gave an insightful presentation on the latest skills, industry trends and possible job opportunities in the sector. He also shared on his personal journey reiterating his love for what he does, what has kept him motivated throughout the years and his continuous zest for learning.

The students were curious about what field of studies would be relevant to pursue a career in the engineering and semiconductor sector, the working schedules as well as about the technology of chips and sizes.

SSIA hopes it was a beneficial session for the students and there was a spark of interest for them to read and learn more about this industry. We continue to reach out to more students through talks and industry visits. For more information on our student outreach activities, visit our TECH 88 initiative.