TECH 88 initiatives – Career Talk at Bedok Green secondary school

24th August 2018
Secondary three students from Bedok Green secondary school had an industry field trip right from their school premises last Friday.  Thanks to the teachers and educational and career guidance coaches who planned an exciting Industry sharing day for these students.

The school had planned to invite speakers from various industries to come connect and share their experience as professionals with these students so they get a better picture of what each industry and its working experience is like. There were a total of 20 industries to choose from. Prior to the sessions, students were given a choice of 2 industries they would like to know more about. The set up was a rotating style presentation, where there were total of 2 sessions per industry. SSIA helped to coordinate the talk for the electronics industry.

SSIA invited Mr Eugene Goh, from Xilinx, who has been a pillar of support for our TECH 88 initiative, to inspire these students on the engineering and semiconductor industry. He shared with the students what makes an engineer, their day to day work experience as engineer as well as his personal journey on becoming an IC designer. Each session had about 30 students, and there was a total of 2 sessions.

The students were curious and responded with many interesting questions. Some of them were keen to know which subject should they focus on to become an engineer whereas others were concerned about the starting pay of an engineer. Mr Eugene was thrilled on the interest and complexity of their questions. It was a rewarding session for both the students and the speaker, and the school presented Mr Eugene with a token of appreciation at the end of the talk.

SSIA hopes to facilitate more such sessions with these secondary schools, and will be working closely with the Education and Career Guidance coaches from MOE, as part of its TECH 88 initiative.