Press Release

Date Title Filename
01 Mar 2018 SSIA Launches First Complex Equipment Consortium to Strengthen Electronics Ecosystem in Singapore Media Release
20 Sept 2017 Electronics Industry Transformation Map – Building the Electronics Industry of Tomorrow Electronics ITM Media Release
29 Mar 2017 Open Connectivity Foundation and Singapore Semiconductor Industry Association Announce Collaboration Framework in Singapore OCF – SSIA Collaboration_PR
13 Oct 2016 First Singapore Semiconductor Industry Association (SSIA) Internet of Things (IoT) Consortium to be Launched at the SSIA Summit 2016 SSIA Summit 2016
10 Oct 2012 SSIA Summit 2012 – Singapore as the Catalyst for Worldwide Silicon Growth SSIA Summit 2012
12 Mar 2012 SSIA Changes Singapore Semiconductor Start Up Landscape with Incubator and Emerging Growth Focus SSIA Incubator and EGC
17 Nov 2012 SSIA Launches Semiconductor Start-Up Growth Initiaitves Start Up initiatives FINAL11-17-11.pdf
16 Apr 2010 MIDAS is now SSIA Communication to SSIA Members.pdf
04 Feb 2008 MIDAS Launches University-Industry Collaborations University Industry Collaboration
23 Nov 2007 MIDAS presents Singapore Semiconductor Industry Awards for 2007 MIDAS_press_release_AGM_Awards_23_Nov_2007.pdf
15 May 2007 MIDAS Launches Engineering Mentorship Program midas-mentorship-051507.pdf
20 Jun 2006 IC and System Design Companies in Singapore form MIDAS midas-formation-release-010106.pdf