About Sin Chew Woodpaq

Sin Chew Woodpaq started off modestly as a small wooden crate manufacturer in the past, starting with only one truck initially. Over the years due to the changing business environment, the company has adapted to the challenges and transformed their business, gaining complementary abilities to evolve into one of the leading project logistics providers in Singapore as they are today.

Proven Experience In Wide Range of Industries

Sin Chew Woodpaq has an in-depth expertise and understanding of project logistics and a proven track record in a wide range of industries including Semiconductors, Oil and Gas, Manufacturing, Aerospace and Marine and Offshore. Through their many years of know-how, they have built up standard procedures and work processes to successfully overcome challenges and constraint in these projects. 

Safety-First Approach

Safety has been at the heart of all operations of Sin Chew Woodpaq. They have an in-house safety committee that reviews safety protocols and procedures in the company. Besides, toolbox meetings will always be conducted before the start of every job to ensure the workers are aware of the job scopes and the safety aspects to look out for. Workers are also routinely sent for safety-related courses to strengthen their knowledge of the concept of safety. All of the equipment and tools are always certified and kept in an operational condition. These commitments have led to various local and international standards recognition such as BizSafe Star, ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018. 

Element Of Care & Customer-Centric

Sin Chew Woodpaq puts utmost care in handling customers’ cargo at every stage of the job process as they value the trust placed by their customers. “We treat our customers as our partners in creating value in the logistics process and we work together with them to come up with the most optimum solutions for their needs. We provide our customers with a single point of contact to save the hassle and confusion of contacting multiple parties.” said Jason Tee, General Manager of Sin Chew Woodpaq.

One-Stop Logistics Solution – Customized Wooden Crating 

Sin Chew Woodpaq provides customized wooden crating solutions for the semiconductor industry with our in-house production facility. They can customize the built of the wooden crate according to the dimension of customers’ cargo and provide shock-absorbing crating solutions for the sensitive nature of the equipment to be transported. 

Industrial Machinery Packing

The in-house packing team has an in-depth knowledge of industrial packing solutions for semiconductor equipment that is required. The company provides packaging materials such as desiccants and anti-static bags combined with vacuum sealing to absorb any moisture and prevent damages caused by electrostatic discharge. 

Industrial Machinery Moving

Specialized moving equipment and tools are used to move semiconductor equipment for customers. The company is equipped with cleanroom attire and chromed plated pallet jacks and rollers for a cleanroom environment. Various technologies are utilised such as the air float system and hydraulic lifter to move heavy equipment of a sensitive nature which makes work more efficient and safer for our employees. 

Heavy Lifting & Moving

For equipment that weighs more than 100 tons such as transformers and marine equipment, specialized machinery such as jacking and skidding systems are used to aid in these operations. 

Transportation Service

With the fleet of vehicles such as lorry trucks, lorry crane, self-loader and prime movers, the company is able to provide a wide range of transport options for customers’ needs, one of which is air-ride transportation for equipment that is sensitive in nature. 


With a 12m high and 120,000 sq. ft integrated logistics and warehouse facility in Tuas, the company is able to accommodate cargo and materials of any scale for clients. 

Material Treatment

Sin Chew Woodpaq provides ISPM15 treatment for wooden packing materials for their clients to conform to international export standards. This means that the wooden material is being treated through heat treatment or fumigation to prevent the transport of diseases and pest to export destinations. With all of the above capabilities, Sin Chew Woodpaq is confident of being a trustworthy and reliable partner for the semiconductor industry, fulfilling each and every of their logistical needs.



Contact: woodpaq@sin-chew.com.sg