SSIA invited a special performing group, Singapore Polytechnic Chinese Orchestra, at the SSIA Lo Hei Dinner on 30 January and their fantastic performance were well received by the guests on that night. Established in 1994, Singapore Polytechnic Chinese Orchestra (SPCO) has grown to its current size of 80 members – comprising both students and alumni. SPCO is extensively involved in the promotion of Singapore’s Chinese orchestral music scene, as well as its beauty – in culture and heritage – both internally and externally. Under the guidance of their conductor, Mr. Lee Heng Quee, SPCO has flourished into an orchestra that appreciates both traditional Chinese music, as well as various modern pop songs. Continuous nurture is provided to groom talents into successful musicians.

Striving for Greater Success

SPCO boosts multiple awards under their belt due to its stellar performances and has never stopped striving for greater success. Furthermore, their dedication to their craft is reflected in the way SPCO is recognized as a renowned performing group, conducting international  performances from Sabah to Hong Kong. SPCO takes on an active role in community service as well, performing and bringing joy for all ages, regardless of race or religion. SPCO also strives to build its member’s values, and actively seeks chances to serve the community – such as performing at Swami Home during the Mid-Autumn Festival period. Building connections with Chinese Orchestras from other institutes is of utmost importance to SPCO. Hence, invitations for collaboration from other institutes are accepted as much as possible.

Mr. Lee Heng Quee, SPCO Conductor

SPCO seeks chances to serve the community.

SPCO has grown to it’s current size of 80 members – comprising both students and alumni.


Singapore Polytechnic

Chinese Orchestra