About Markforged and ONYX ESD

Markforged (3D Printer Manufacturer) recently launched its latest material called Onyx ESD. It is the most advanced polymer ever developed. It’s precision-engineered to possess an extremely tight range of surface resistance (static dissipative value of 10⁵-10⁷ ohms) — meeting ESD-safe requirements of the most stringent manufacturers. This material is perfect for the electronic and semiconductor industries to produce Electronics enclosures, transfer and packaging trays, pick and Place, transfer tools and more.

Columbia Elektronik Case Study

A company that has benefited from Markforged ESD would be Columbia Elektronik AB, a Swedish manufacturer of complete test fixturing solutions for the Nordic electronics industry. The company has seen an increase in demand for ESD-safe materials due to the changing manufacturing landscape and rise in the need for more complex electronics.

Test snap-fit fixtures pictured (above) hold electronic components in place during testing. Previously, the team would either machine these fixtures or outsource 3D printed ESD-safe parts. Neither was a perfect solution — machining the parts in house limited geometric freedom and used internal machinist time, while third-party 3D printed ESD-safe parts had poor surface quality and dimensional accuracy.

3D Printing with Markforged, they were able to save their customers both time and effort when using their product by improving functionality enabled by the freedom of additive manufacturing. They designed the 3D printed Onyx ESD fixtures in one piece instead of two, eliminating the need for additional assembly time or tooling. The team was also impressed by the cost reduction and the sleek surface finish of the fixture parts, straight off the print bed. “Now with Onyx ESD, we will be able to print high-strength ESD-safe parts on demand that are customer ready. With Markforged Onyx ESD, engineers and designers at Columbia Elektronik will finally have the tools they need to meet rising demands in their industry,” said Christer Lang, Design Engineer Columbia Elektronik.

Onyx ESD Spool

Chemtron Pte Ltd – Local Markforged Partner

Chemtron Pte Ltd (www.chemtron.asia)  who is representing Markforged locally in Singapore  is a complete 3D Solutions Provider where they empower local companies to adopt this 3D technology to cut cost, shorten lead time and automate workflows for our customers. They sell the 3D Printers as well as provide 3D print services for their customers. You are able to reach out to them at info@chemtron.asia for more information about this.