Accelerate Customers’ Product Commercialization to Stay Ahead of Competitors

Sioux has all the expertise inhouse to contribute to the maximum success of high-tech products and production systems. Sioux’s strength lies in the unique combination of high-quality competences of software, mechanics, optics, mechatronics, electronics, mathematics, and final assembly & testing. With more than 800 engineers globally , Sioux supports or forms the R&D department of leading high-tech companies.

Multidisciplinary Competencies for the Semiconductor Industry

Sioux offers combination of high-quality competencies like software, mathware, mechatronics, electronics and assembly.

Mechatronics system

  • System architecture
  • Machine dynamics
  • Model-driven development
  • Embedded software

Precision & High-speed Mechanics

  • nm, μm domain
  • High speed (μs, ns)
  • Active mounting
  • Thermal/vacuum technology

Electronics Design

  • System intelligence
  • PCB design
  • Machine cabling

Optics & Metrology

  • Optics
  • Laser technology
  • Measurement
  • Sensor technology

Industrial IoT & Cloud

  • Data control
  • Security
  • Remote diagnose
  • Application software

Industrial Mathematics

  • Simulation
  • Process optimization
  • Image analysis
  • Data analysis

Customer references

Extreme Positioning

When accuracy requirements go sub-micrometer, Sioux can bring up experts that master the multi-disciplinary approach for development. As an example, the planar motion platform nForcer is a cost-effective solution for sub-micrometer positioning can realize up to 100nm positioning accuracy with 500mm/s moving speed. We have developed this kind of applications for several OEM companies.

Flat-panel AOI

Sioux has developed a modular high-resolution flat-panel scanner for the in-line quality inspection. The scanned image data from the 9 optical units come together in a dedicated PC board which combines the data to a single image. Using an up-sampling resolution of 2.5 µm, the image size of a 24” x 24” PCB substrate is 60 Gb. Data compression and pipe-lined techniques make real- time image processing possible in 20 seconds per scan.

Lithography for Advanced Packaging

Sioux has designed, implemented and tested the complete software stack for lithography machines used for advanced packaging, which including the user interface, the control software for all devices, the business logic for processing on a wafer, exchanging and aligning wafers, handling reticles and executing metrology measurements with the projection lens and the CCD camera and the mathematical algorithms for the metrology.

Physics modelling

In machines that produce micro-electronics, internal temperatures increase considerably during the production process, which decrease the product quality. Using knowledge of mathematics and Multiphysics, Sioux has created insight into the dynamic thermal effects. A model was created to calculate how to finetune the machine within 12 milliseconds and continually correct deviations during production.