SSLA Run 8 graduates enjoying a celebratory champagne

The Singapore Semiconductor Leadership Accelerator (SSLA) is designed to inspire technical and business leaders to continue creating revolutionary possibilities with semiconductors. It was conceived as part of the Singapore Semiconductor Vision (SSV) 2020 taskforce — comprising members of private and public sectors — to increase competitiveness in Singapore’s semiconductor manufacturing industry. SSLA is now one of our industry’s largest leadership development platforms that has helped nurtured a pool of over 180 future leaders from more than 30 companies for the semiconductor industry over the last 5 years. The SSLA platform is essential for developing future leaders who will shape our industry, and this platform remains relevant to this day, more now than ever.

SSLA brings along the most relevant topics of today’s business, such as Geo-Politics and Supply Chain Challenges, Trade Wars and Digital Disruptions, Work Trends and Talent Competitiveness, Ecosystem Edge, Human Centred Leadership, Leadership Mindset, Agility and Transition, Sustainability Management and more. This is especially pertinent now as nations around the world have realised the importance of the semiconductor industry from both an economic and a national security standpoint. 

Over the years, SSLA has cultivated leaders who have grown exponentially within their given fields, and we are proud of the accomplishments they have achieved so far. The programme focuses on mid to senior level management teams and individuals and is custom designed to inspire emerging technical and business leaders to continue creating revolutionary possibilities within the industry. Delivered in 2 modules, it is an immersive hands-on learning experience designed to accelerate personal and professional growth for leaders to succeed in the increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous global environments, with a special emphasis on the semiconductor industry. Designed as a measure for truly effective intervention, the program has its roots in understanding the needs of the Asian emerging leaders in the regional and global semiconductor industry.

Interactive session facilitated by Dr Scott Macleod, HCLI

SSLA is organised in partnership with the Human Capital Leadership Institute (HCLI), which was established in 2010 with the Ministry of Manpower, the Singapore Economic Development Board and the Singapore Management University as strategic partners. They are one of Singapore’s best in developing global leaders, and SSIA have been in partnership with them since Run 1 of SSLA in 2017.

As we are now moving beyond the pandemic, and with the increasing need to develop future leaders in this industry, the two runs this year (Run 8 and 9) will be conducted on-site.

SSLA Run 8 completed on 3 March 2023 (Module 1: 7–10 February and Module 2: 28 February–3 March) with 23 participants from 11 of SSIA’s member companies.  This intake also sees a good gender diversity as for the first time, the programme had attracted a total of 8 female participants. 

Leadership panel of SSLA alumni, moderated by Bill Cornwell

The Theme for Run 8 is “Thriving with Resilience – Leading for the Sustainable Future. With the on-site setting for this run, all participants had a great time sharing and exchanging ideas with one another. They actively debated on issues covering geopolitics, trade wars, talent management, workplace behaviours and leadership styles.  The participants also benefited from the networking sessions with invited industry leaders and SSLA alumni where they shared real life experiences and challenges, and were introduced to highly interactive experiential learnings, cases studies, management games, team building activities and “Mindfulness” sessions to help them cope with the daily stresses in life.  The programme ended with a graduation ceremony where participants shared their learnings and experiences they had gained with their fellow industry and HR leaders.

SSLA Run 8 Cohort

Contributed by:

Velinda Wee
Director, Human Capital Development, SSIA