SSIA x EON Consulting & Training Pte Ltd

Talent is a very important aspect of any industry. How do we ensure that talent stays relevant? That’s when upskilling and retraining is all the more important.

SSIA has partnered with EON Consulting & Training for a slew of courses that will equip the current pool of talent to be future ready:


1) Human Resource Advisory and Consultancy Overview

Starting up a business can be exciting and yet daunting at times, especially when you have a myriad of areas to look at. Besides having to deal with the business development and operational aspects of businesses, the need to hire a key resource team to assist in the business start up is key. For this, it is important to look at hiring a HR personnel to help you in the hiring and setting up of fundamental HR system.

To help kickstart the process, EON Consulting and Training’s Human Resource (HR) advisory and consultancy will cover the setting up of HR system for hiring and interviewing HR personnel and a key resource team. The scope will cover:

  • Developing job descriptions of HR and other key resource personnel
  • Connect with local head hunters, shortlist and arrange interviews and coordinate offer
  • Developing terms and conditions for employment, letter of employment and application form
  • Setting up employee handbook according to Singapore law

2) Change Management Overview

In businesses, leadership and organisational changes as a result of mergers and acquisitions can be disconcerting at the staff level if not well managed. Hence, a curated approach to assist enterprises to go through transformational change is necessary to ensure smooth transition. To help enterprises who are undergoing transitional changes within an organisation, change management skills are needed to manage staff morale and performance.

For such, EON Consulting and Training offers management/supervisory Level (external courses) dealing with soft skills to manage transitional changes as follows:

3) HR Transformation for SMEs Overview

In today’s challenging business environment, SMEs will appreciate the need for their staff to be multi-skilled. This is even especially so if the SMEs are operating with a lean workforce, and how rank and file level staff such as at administrative level can be transformed to undertake some key HR functions. To help ensure smooth transition to the enhanced role, EON Consulting and Training will help put in place the following changes to redesign the job role of the admin staff through:

1. Development of following HR systems:

    • Manpower planning
    • Recruitment & selection
    • Performance management
    • Compensation & benefits
    • Training & development
    • Career management
    • Employee Handbook

2. Job redesign of role covering:

    • New responsibilities
    • New skills
    • Job aids (where necessary)
    • Job title, grade, salary, career path progression (where necessary)
    • Individual development plan
    • OJT training plan
    • Advertisement and Competency-Based Interview Questions
    • Onboarding Journal
    • Skills Assessment
    • Job satisfaction survey