Over 40 HR Heads of the industry and partners joined the SSIA HR Roundtable with the theme ‘Emerging Stronger for a New Normal’ on 15 April 2021. Topics discussed included the latest hiring trends and initiatives supporting the company workforce facing the shifting mode of work. SSIA would like to thank Sharon Lim and Jessy Yau from Singapore Polytechnic, Hema Annamalai from Uni Connect Pte Ltd and Winston Wong from Nanyang Technological University for their presentations and insights. It was an engaging session for participants where they shared their recent challenges in hiring and suggestions.

HR Pulse Survey

During the meeting, SSIA Executive Director Ang Wee Seng shared the results of an HR Roundtable pulse survey conducted in April 2021, which aimed to understand the current hiring and HR practices impacted by the pandemic. The survey looked at 4 broad categories – hiring, remunerations, Covid-19 measures and workforce management. The results showed that the challenge in 2020 was mainly hiring operators, engineers and technicians. It was cited that there was a lack of local skilled talents, or their vacancies were in niche areas of the industry. Job redesign may be the way to go during post-COVID-19; however, the results showed that not many companies were considering redesigning jobs except for the engineering functions. Moving forward, companies are looking to hire technical staff – engineers, managers and technicians.

The detailed report will be shared with companies who participated in the survey. Companies who are keen to know more about the details or interested in joining the next round of SSIA HR Roundtable, please write to secretariat@ssia.org.sg.

Topics discussed at the SSIA HR Roundtable: