Under the RIE2020 Plan supported by National Research Foundation, the Singapore government has prioritised research funding in four technology domains or verticals where Singapore has developed a competitive advantage in research excellence or meets national needs, create more space for our future developments: and ensure that our seniors live active, meaningful, healthy lives. One of these areas is Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering. Since 2016, the Government has set aside S$19 billion over 2016 – 2020 for research, innovation and enterprise activities, to support and translate research, to leverage science and technology to address national challenges, and build up the innovation and technology-adaptation capacity of our companies to drive economic growth through value creation.


Envisioning the Future R&D Landscape


Singapore Semiconductor Industry Association (SSIA) is a key partner in driving the Electronics Industry Transformation Map (ITM), in which Innovation and R&D are key enablers and the core to diversification. Therefore, it is one of its missions to advance a vibrant R&D ecosystem in Singapore. Recently, SSIA Board has formed the R&D Committee chaired by its Secretary, Jerome Tjia. The Committee will look into the current R&D landscape, the missing gaps, and opportunities in Singapore. It will also envision what the future landscape will be. The Committee is conducting a survey with industry peers to better understand the ecosystem and challenges in the R&D arena of the industry. Based on the results, the committee will then make the necessary recommendation to the Board and government agencies, and the findings will be crucial in defining the necessary support to help grow the R&D landscape in Singapore.


Companies who are interested to participate in the survey, click here