SSIA Summit and Semiconductor Dinner 2019


Early morning session

  • Focus on what is takes to get into the automotive manufacturing bandwagon – from a paradigm shift in quality mindset to controls methodologies

Late morning session

  • General trend of mobility/ automotive sector in Singapore and the region, and how workforce development, to government policies and even associate technology trend will drive/ grow this sector here and the region

Panel discussion

Technologies that will shape the future of mobility in Singapore and the region

In recent years, we have seen rapid advancements in technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and 5G. We are starting to see more dependencies between these technologies, and together, they are enabling greater possibilities for human to realize our dreams of the future. Dreams that we could only imagine in the past, are now coming into reality, and it is just a matter of years before this reality will shape our daily life.

One such dream is the advancement in the mobility sector. We are seeing the introduction of electric cars on roads around the world, to demonstrations of fully autonomous vehicles. It won’t be long before fully autonomous vehicles become a norm in our life. Where does the dream begin, and when will it cross the line into reality.

For this panel discussion we have a line-up of distinguished speakers coming together from different sectors. Listen to how they envision the future of mobility in Singapore and the region, driven by the different technologies available today and in the near future.

Early afternoon session

  • Road map for electronic and fully autonomous vehicle in Singapore and the world, and how will this drive the sector

Mid afternoon session

  • Technologies and products (such as 5G, AI, Internet of Vehicles, etc.) will boost this sector


Keynote Speaker




Members: S$300/per delegate
Non members: S$350/per delegate

Semiconductor Dinner

Members: S$200/per delegate
Non members: S$250/per delegate