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Summit 2022:
Advancing Technologies Towards A Sustainable Future

As the world emerges from the pandemic, we are already seeing more global economies opening up their borders and reining in on their businesses as they gain ground. As semiconductors continue to power technologies to support the growing global climate goals such as solar panels and electric vehicles, the use of chips will accelerate. These chips however, have a debilitating effect on the climate as they require a significant amount of carbon footprint as they require a massive amount of energy and water and other hazardous by-products that will contribute to climate change. This contradicts what the industry has endeavoured to achieve in a sustainable future.

In this respect, SSIA Summit 2022 will tackle this important contradiction and explore how the industry can pivot to balance both business and the environment. And how companies can do more to reduce their carbon footprints with the current programs already in place. Hence, the Summit will address the critical topic of advancing technology in a responsible and yet sustainable way to support the growth of the industry.

Thought leaders and experts will come together once again to present and discuss strategies and new technologies on this area and work towards our goal of a greener and larger industry with minimal carbon footprint.

Russell THAM

Joint Head, Enterprise Development Group (Singapore)
Head, Strategic Development
Temasek International

Russell Tham is Joint Head of Enterprise Development Group and Head of Strategic Development, with a focus on building new businesses and investing in high potential Science & Technology early stage ventures respectively. He joined Temasek in May 2020 after two years at ST Engineering where he was President of New Enterprises and Ventures.

Prior to that, Russell was President at Applied Materials, a technology company headquartered in Silicon Valley. He led the regional business and oversaw the expansion of the company’s Singapore infrastructure expansion into manufacturing, supply chain, R&D and product development for global markets.

Russell holds a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from the National University of Singapore.

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Summit and Semiconductor Dinner 2021: Reiterating Smart Nation with Innovation and Technology

The SSIA Summit has always been positioned as a podium where thought leaders in the semiconductor industry as well as agencies come together to share their insights on the industry. The aim is to anchor a space for the leaders as well as to attract interested parties in and out of the industry.

For 2021, driving the nation’s smart initiatives was the key message demonstrating the current and relevant trends. While photonics is and will remain poised as the nucleus of the next phase of the Singapore semiconductor industry, we set our long-term sights on sustainability which the industry has set in motion; of which 2022 sees this topic as the key agenda to be expounded on.

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